A successful video marketing strategy will be fascinating. It will explain your company and your product, endear customers to you, and encourage them to return to you and share your company and products with their peers.

With any marketing strategy it is important to understand your customers and what floats their boat. This article is going to show you how to define your customers’ needs and to create video content that appeals to them.

Through extensive research, and it was extensive, Sally Hogshead developed the 7 Triggers of Fascination through using a data set of research with 75,000 people. As far as she is concerned, it is fact. We will now discuss how you can apply Sally’s theory to your video marketing strategy.

This strategy is not about simply understanding who your customers are; it is more about understanding what and who they need your business to be and creating your content to fascinate them based on this.


People with the power personality trigger are natural leaders who are driven to identify goals and attain them. These self-assured employees quickly earn the respect of their co-workers, customers and peers.

There are 5 defining power personality characteristics:

1. Confident
2. Goal-oriented
3. Influential
4. Opinionated
5. Decisive

Power personalities usually do not fear goals and rarely doubt their ability to reach the finish line, they are intensely focused on achievements, are often looked to for answers and assistance, have strong beliefs, and are easily able to make decisions.

In order to portray a sense of power in your video marketing strategy will involve making a strong, in-the-face style of video, hitting your points with conviction and focus. Here is a video by Sally Hogshead explaining how the power personality trigger can be used:

Illustrate your company’s accomplishments and how you’ve achieved success meeting goals, how your company has influence with your peers in your industry and with your customers, your faith and conviction in the quality of your product and decisive action your company has taken in the past. A good example of this is a video of your CEO being interviewed by a well known reporter in the industry.


People with the passion personality trigger can rapidly make emotional connections with customers, co-workers and managers.

There are 5 Defining Passion Characteristics:

1. Expressive
2. Intuitive
3. Impulsive
4. Social
5. Transparent

Passion personalities use facial expressions, body language and vocal intonation to communicate and add emphasis to their messages, make decisions using a visceral approach, react quickly to others and to information, are approachable and gregarious. They usually build instant rapport with prospects, customers and colleagues, which allows them to excel in positions that require strong interpersonal skills.

To portray that your business has the passion personality in your video marketing will involve making a catchy, eye-candy video, making viewers feel good about and emotionally drawn to your product. Here’s is Sally’s explanation of how the passion persuasion trigger works:

Highlight your company’s community involvement and environmental efforts in your videos, your employee and customer satisfaction – publish results of a customer satisfaction survey, so that customers of the passion personality type will connect on an emotional level with your company. Focus on making the customer feel good about your product. Use time led incentives that will inspire an immediate response.

Sample video courtesy of Starbucks


People with the mystique personality trigger have an innate ability to edit their ideas and opinions. They do not over-communicate with customers, co-workers, and managers, thereby making their opinions more influential.

There are 5 defining mystique personality characteristics:

1. Understated
2. Complex
3. Rational
4. Reserved
5. Deliberate

Mystique personalities often stay in the background, away from the center of attention, which allows them to observe and plan before acting, are typically multi-layered in thought and action, tend to make thorough decisions based on data, restrain their emotions, and are usually more inhibited, tending to be self-conscious.

In order to portray the Mystique personality in your video marketing strategy will involve presenting facts and independent research on your company and products, logically convincing viewers on the strength of your company and the influence you wield. You should come across as quietly confident and stick to the facts. Leave hints to future developments that you are working on which will keep people on the edge of their seats. Apple are masters of this with their high levels of secrecy – look at all of the hype about the iphone 5 at the moment; nobody knows what it will be like but there are thousands of people blogging about it already. Here is a video giving further explanation of the Mystique persuasion trigger.

The example that Sally Hogshead gives for this persuasion trigger is Jagermeister; nobody knows exactly what is in it, nobody really likes the taste of it yet many people enjoy drinking it due to the mystique that it embodies.


People with the prestige personality trigger instinctively seek consistent improvement, higher goals, and tangible evidence of their success. They work to earn the respect of their customers, co-workers, and leadership.

Prestige is why there are countless brands creating products that are not so different to the supermarkets own brand but cost 50% more and people buy them happily. The brands have earned the prestige and that allows them to charge more.

There are 5 defining prestige personality characteristics:

1. Ambitious
2. Detail-oriented
3. Admired
4. Uncompromising
5. Focused

Prestige personalities tend to set high goals and push themselves to reach the next level of performance, often expecting the same of others, and are usually perfectionists in the way they present themselves and their work, are often looked up to by their co-workers and acquaintances because they are typically perceived as experts or achievers, they do not usually make concessions nor do they “settle”, and center their attention and energy on rising up.

In order to take advantage of the prestige trigger of persuasion in your video marketing strategy will involve making a video that champions credentials and accomplishments, both your own and your products’. Watch Sally’s video on how to understand the prestige trigger of persuasion:

Show how your company is planning for the future, with large, attainable goals. Present a crisp, clear, focused view of your company and what you offer, and provide examples of uncompromising integrity to your ideals. This is the time to pull out statistics of your past successes, conduct interviews with recognized industry experts and to show customer case studies and testimonials.

The ultimate goal could be to create a community around your business with advocates for your business. You could create videos that show the success your products and services have brought your customers and also that highlight the relationship you have with your customers.


People with the alarm personality trigger carefully watch all the details in order to avoid problems. They proactively handle their work to stay on track with customers, co-workers, and managers.

There are 5 defining alarm personality characteristics:

1. Perfectionist
2. Reliable
3. Routine-Oriented
4. Careful
5. Rational

Alarm personalities are usually motivated by problem-avoidance and strive to be flawless in their work and how they conduct themselves, tend to operate like clockwork and adhere closely to deadlines, appreciate predictability and are known to form patterns in their daily lives, reducing the quantity of unknowns that they encounter, go to great lengths to avert failure, and tend to be very logical thinkers, who are unlikely to do or say anything controversial.

If you want to portray the alarm trigger of persuasion in your video marketing strategy then make videos which create a sense of immediacy, this does not simply have to be promotional deadlines but it could also be based on social pressures. Appeal to the early adopters through building up to a product launch and creating demand before something is available. Again, here is Sally’s video explaining the Alarm trigger of persuasion:

Present your company’s record of flawless project accomplishment, where things have gone without a hitch. Show the reliability of your company and your product, how you meet your goals and deadlines on time. Offer glowing reviews from peers or media outlets and present a conservative image of the stability of your company. Create videos that show the thought and the processes that have gone into your product or service; this could be getting your designers/developers to talk about the work that they have put into the service/product. Do not focus on promotions here, focus on the clear benefits of your product.


People/businesses with rebellious characteristics are creative, unconventional thinkers who quickly resolve problems and deliver inventive solutions (Steve Jobs).
There are 5 defining rebellion personality characteristics:

1. Innovative
2. Independent
3. Entrepreneurial
4. Edgy
5. Unpredictable

Rebellion personalities tend to be prolific idea generators, finding a sudden flash of insight, almost always prefer autonomy, often choose to take the unexplored path, possess clever minds that can quickly grasp alternative viewpoints and perspectives, and enjoy surprising coworkers and friends with non-traditional ideas and actions.

In order to apply the rebellion persuasion trigger to your video marketing strategy will involve presenting your product with an emphasis on how you are different. Think about how your product differentiates you from the more conservative and traditional players in your field, show that you are not the norm, that you have a twist, are anti-establishment, etc. See the explanatory video:

Showcase your company’s new ideas or improvements on existing products, show how your product is designed for them and with them in mind, be honest and factual with your company’s history, and show how your goals will revolutionize your industry. Take risks and speak from the heart. Avoid being conservative and corporate. Think about how you are different and leverage these assets.

For this you could use product demonstrations that openly compare your product/service to your competitors and which are provocative. You could have the people in your company who embody the creative driving force behind the company explain on video their vision and how it translates into a fantastic and unique product.

Virgin are a good example, or at least they were a good example of a brand that takes risks and goes out on a limb to stand out. This is a fantastic tactic for the small businesses to use to take on their big rivals.


People with the trust personality trigger garner respect and maintain loyalty through their dependability and consistency in chaotic environments.

The 5 defining TRUST personality characteristics:

1. Stable
2. Dependable
3. Familiar
4. Predictable
5. Comforting

Trust personalities rarely fluctuate in the way they conduct themselves, they tend to maintain a calm consistency, they follow through on what they promise and work hard to achieve consistency, are usually known quantities who are respected for their steadfast behavior, tend to develop patterns and routines they follow daily.

In order to leverage the trust trigger of persuasion in your video marketing strategy requires you to show how reliable and consistent you and your product are. See Sally’s explanation:

Show your company’s history of success, how many years your company has been in business and the way you’ve consistently grown and accomplished goals. Excellent reviews from independent sources will be very influential.

You could run a series of videos on the customers who use your products and why – focus on how THEY apply your products to solve THEIR problems as this will come across as genuine and will help viewers to understand the potential application to their problems.

It would be great to hear your thoughts on this basis for forming a video marketing strategy; has it given you ideas of what you can do?