The first time I watched one of my kids expertly navigate my iPhone, I was blown away, but now it couldn’t be a more normal sight. All of them (even the 2-year-old!) are digital natives, who not only love Apple products but use them all the time at home and at school. So, when the announcement of the iPad Mini came out last week, I couldn’t help but think that this new size is perfect for my youngest’s mini size. The October 27th installment of the Wall Street Journal Sentiment Tracker covered the response from Facebook and Twitter users to Apple’s newest product offering, and not surprisingly, chatter volume was high with over 12,000 posts. 75% of the conversations revolved around online consumers liking the idea of the iPad Mini, while 21% shared negative commentary, and 4% cracked jokes. Check out some of the jokes below:

The iPad mini is coming out soon. I’ll just stick with my big rectangle.??.

RT @FamousHumor: Save money and impress your friends. Simply write at the end of each email “Sent from my iPad Mini” ??. #Truth

RT @LouiseAThompson: iPad mini sounds stupid. Like an iPhone in a fat suit.

So will you be in line for an iPad Mini? Let me know!