Hey app developers, what’s your 50+ strategy?

If you don’t want to leave money on the table, you best have one.  The 50+ market represents $2.7 trillion or 47 percent of consumer spending in America– the largest of any cohort.

That’s the message being delivered across the country by AARP Senior Vice President of Thought Leadership Jody Holtzman and it’s penetrating with venture capital firms.

Holtzman was speaking to the What’s Next Boomer Business Summit in Chicago last week, explaining that he’s disrupting the start-up pitch contests –just by showing up.

“The question I get, is what is AARP doing here?” Holtzman said.  “Which is great, because people are taking notice.  After I explain to them the sheer size of the market, they get it.  For example, the 50+ market is the largest spender on luxury travel, but no one seems to know that.”

He told a story about a VC friend who met with a well-known online travel company that was searching for more money.  Since sharing the stage with Holtzman a few months prior at a conference and hearing Holtzman’s question, the VC guy asked the entrepreneur, “what’s your 50+ strategy?”  The entrepreneur didn’t have one.  The VC sent him home with orders to “do your research and get one.”

new americans 50 plus spendSo knowing that the 50+ Americans market spend $300 billion on personal care, enrichment and entertainment in 2010, I’m determined to help tech entrepreneurs develop their 50+ strategy.

I’m a Boomer messaging consultant and a consummate consumer.  I also write the technology blog “App of the Week” for AARP.  During the past year I have been contacted by nearly 100 app developers and entrepreneurs who say they have a great product or service to target to Boomers and Seniors.  Through press releases and countless emails they ask me to review their sites and blog about them.

To be fair, I try them all in hope of finding an app or site that will enhance the lives of my fellow cohorts.  I try apps designed for health, fitness, gaming, social networking, transportation, productivity, foods, medical issues, video, photos, and even apps to make email prettier.  Anything that crosses my desk I’ve tried.  I try apps and websites I read about on specialty app sites, such as Happtique for all things medical, AppAppeal, Business Insider, Mashable and countless other online publications.

I’ve done extensive research into where and how Boomers discover apps, what turns them on and what turns them off.  I have the experience to help developers adjust the app so it ends up with the right design with the right message in the right channel.

I know the 50+ market and when I try an app that is easy to view, easy to navigate, doesn’t invade my privacy, and enhance the lives of my fellow Boomers and Seniors, I share it across multiple platforms.

So app developers out there, get a 50+ strategy for our sake and yours.  We’ll use and even pay for your products —and you’ll help us lead more fulfilling lives.

This blog originally appeared on the author’s own blog called BoomerTech Blog.