No matter how much hate telemarketing gets, it’s shocking how much of it come from misconceptions about marketing in general.

And whether it’s B2B cold calling or traditional advertising, the annoyance goes both ways. Do you think marketing experts like the wrong ideas people have about what they do? It’s bad enough that making rookie mistakes creates these misconceptions in the first place.

Yes, you read that right. Rookie. Novice. Noob.

If you’re hesitant to conduct any form of marketing due to the following misconceptions, you will be doing your business a great disservice (and, frankly, perpetuating ignorance to boot).

#1. You’re selling something aren’t you?

You might think that when a telemarketer calls but that’s not the case in your average B2B lead generation process. What telemarketers are doing is merely trying to get you interested enough in the hopes of you giving a sale.

Furthermore, you can’t even give them that sale right away and rookies should note: that is the first, obvious difference between a sales call and a marketing call. It’s a longer process.

And even in the case of consumer marketing, guess what? For every person who takes no interest in an ad, there is another who decides to buy because it made the time feel right for it.

Long story short: marketers aren’t crazy enough to demand a quick buck at every instance.

#2. Where did you get this number? Who’s been telling you things about me?

Marketers aren’t the NSA. Period. The way they value information differs from that of government agents. Everything from contact information to how many times you viewed a page helps them find ways to serve you better. They’d sooner use data on you to recommend a particular cleaning service than suspect you of being a terrorist.

Look at Amazon! The web company’s entire success sits on its ability to understand its own customers. You don’t want that for your business? You don’t want other businesses helping you figure out what you need?

(One more thing. You have a choice on whether or not to share that data. Besides, if you don’t like people knowing anything about you, you’re free to not share anything about yourself to anybody.)

#3. I don’t want a suit coming over and wasting my time.

Yeah well, it’s not like the suits are fond of driving all over the place either. If you’re not interested in those kinds of B2B appointments, you’re supposed to get a lot of alternatives. Today both marketing and sales generate activity on a number of channels (both old and new).

Many in the field don’t like wasting their time on uninterested prospects either. The demand for efficiency goes both ways. Like you, they’re just looking to make a living and want the sales process to be convenient enough for everybody.

There are many other issues that telemarketers face everyday but these three rank as the top when it comes to annoyance. No matter who you outsource or consult, they will tell you that they’ve heard these rebuttals so many times, they’re more redundant than bad call scripts.