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Every business in a competitive marketing industry will need an efficient data collection and management system in order to strengthen their digital marketing strategies. One data warehouse system that is creating a buzz in the data analytics field is the Amazon Redshift. It is viewed to be a breakthrough in delivering a more efficient and cost effective data warehouse system that small businesses can use in order to optimize their search engine optimization campaigns and digital marketing strategies in general.

While the Amazon Redshift is potentially useful among digital marketers in collecting big data in its warehouse system, it is also a good analytic tool for online marketers to enhance both their SEO and social media marketing campaigns. Its benefits are most apparent among small to medium business enterprises that are looking for more cost efficient data management system yet very efficient in delivering results.

Amazon Redshift as Business Intelligence Tool

Digital marketers can exercise more accurate marketing decisions by using the Amazon Redshift as a business intelligence tool to analyze the progress and effectiveness of their marketing strategies using data collection and analytics. Small businesses often have a difficult time managing big data for business and they tend to lose focus on important metrics to keep an eye on that can help optimize their search engine strategies.

As a business intelligence tool, small businesses can help optimize its analytics capability in managing data with the following advantaged features:

  • Ability to handle huge data base and clustering the information by category or specific group of information that you need.
  • Cost effective data warehouse solution instead of spending separately for software and hardware services.
  • Save huge data on the cloud for immediate and convenient access of the members of your organization.
  • Access data more quickly and accurately with a speed that provides a less data processing time for immediate data access to aid on your business decision making.
  • Ability to isolate group of data from one another according to their field of relevance to your business.
  • Highly customizable configuration that is easy to setup. You only need to configure the chosen database, cluster and define the size of the node quantity that you want to generate from the data warehouse and the cluster of information is ready within just a few minutes.
  • It offers a large data storage solution that eliminates the burden of spending additional costs for data storage. The program is a tool designed to carry massive data consumption that is perfect for the growing data management system needs of an organization.
  • Optimized architecture and tuned up disk storage capability that arranges data in columns and compressing the stored information by cluster.
  • Amazing web user interface structure that gives the graphical presentation of the data metrics look very impressive. You can access specific query and other metrics simply by hovering over them and they will be automatically highlighted.
  • Downloading bulk data can usually take a longer time but the Amazon Redshift breaks down the information into smaller files for faster download speed.

Considerations whether the Amazon Redshift is right for your business

Every organization has its unique needs. Big data analytics is a huge thing to be seriously considered by small businesses of using in order to optimize their data management system and processing in a less costly manner. Being the best priced data warehouse system in the market today, small businesses find a lot of advantage features from the Amazon Redshift but before you jump into getting one it is necessary to consider the following:

1. The data migration requirement to the cloud

Amazon Redshift

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Using the Amazon Redshift will require businesses to undertake data migration from their own data warehouse to the cloud. This may entail a painstaking process which every business should be prepared of doing as an initial stage of using the Amazon Redshift. The Redshift program however can take care of the details if you are willing to pay a one-time migration fee with the promise of a smoother integration process of your old data warehouse to its new data warehouse infrastructure on the cloud.

2. Changes in data control and management

Business owners like to be in absolute control of their data warehouse system but once they use the Amazon Redshift the data architecture and archiving system and management is already within the Redhsift’s responsibility and management. Users of the program should consider whether they have sensitive data that require a unique data protection management system from the Amazon Redshift provider.

3. Baseline data management costs

Every business is concerned about the fees they will incur from using the Amazon warehouse service and it helps to know that apart from the separate data migration fee it charges to its subscribers there are also additional baseline costs such as charging the user with approximately $0.16 to $1.80 for every hour of using the Amazon Redshift business intelligence tool from the cloud. This fee should be included as part of your business cost considerations.

4. Support options

The Amazon Redshift dedicated data warehouse storage services are deemed to be sufficient in providing data necessary for web analytics and SEO purposes but the program usually requires the business owner to sacrifice some degree of control over its data structure. The Amazon Redshift introduces a massive data environment where the internal processes need to adapt to the program.

5. Security preferences

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The security measure of the Amazon Redshift is one of the most accurate and reliable in the business industry using its own encryption technology. Most small business owners like the idea that security breach on their data system is unlikely using the Redshift’s security protocol. However, clients have the option to consider whether they prefer to manage their own data security system or leave the job to the Amazon Redshift at a fee. Data vulnerability comes in different packages and business owners may find it more peaceful to leave some of the data security aspect of their business to the Amazon Redshift experts.

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