We all know that Black Friday is huge for customers as they can get those amazing deals, but it is HUGE for retailers as it represents their most important time of year. The sales numbers are incredible, the figures are beyond belief and continue to grow and grow every year.

The retailers are now running their Black Friday sales for longer to try and gain more sales. They are starting earlier and earlier and also extending them past Black Friday – all with the hope of beating their competition and maximising as many sales as they possibly can.

However to help you gain and maximise this year’s Black Friday sales period, I have collated some Black Friday Retail Tips below…

Plan ahead and schedule send your messages
Black Friday is a busy period. Don’t rush things as you will make mistakes, so schedule your marketing message in advance and then you can get on with other important tasks.

Segment your database
You want to be sending out relevant marketing messages – the more relevance, the more response. So segment your customer base into different groups and send them relevant messages and links. Segment by sex for example and send your Black Friday offer with a link to your Men’s and Women’s to the appropriate recipient.

Don’t wait until Friday
Start and send your marketing messages before Black Friday to get the ball rolling and beat your competition.

Send plenty of messages
Don’t be scared of sending out your marketing messages. Customers are hunting for deals this time of year so give them what they want and send out plenty of marketing messages with links to your offers.

Spread send your messages
If you are sending out SMS marketing messages the response rates can be huge! 98% of all text messages are read and you can receive a response rate up to 45% – which is considerably higher than any other marketing channel. So to ease the load on your staff and website, spread send your messages so the customer experience is a positive one.

Don’t forget Cyber Monday
Cyber Monday is huge day as well… So don’t forget to send out a marketing message and offer to your customers.

Send an SMS marketing campaign
People are going to be receiving a lot of marketing emails around this time, a lot are going to end up in spam folders and a lot are going to be deleted. So make sure you stand out from the crowd and make sure your Black Friday message is heard by your customers by sending them an SMS marketing campaign.

By following these Black Friday Retail Tips you should be sure to have a fantastic November – so good luck and remember to double check and test everything before you press send!