It’s hard to believe that I’m classed as Generation X. I know, as handsome and young as I look I’m afraid it’s true! So yes, I’m an 80’s kid and proud, who wouldn’t be? I was exposed to Rocky, MJ, Euro 96, Princess Diana, Friends and the Walkman… Ok, I’m going to stop as it’s making me feel old, but you get the gist.

Naturally, with age, you get exposed to more and the world we live in today is totally different to that of the 1980’s, there is so much ‘noise’. One thing that has remained strong and managed to cut through the noise is TEDTalk, which started in 1984, see all the cool stuff is from the 80’s. As a marketing professional, I invest a lot of time reading and learning and I’m a big fan of TEDTalk as it offers great insight.

There have been some great speakers and the name Simon Sinek should come as no surprise to you. Simon is well known for one of the most popular TEDTalk of all time ‘How great leaders inspire action’ – please view this below.

One of the key messages to talk away from this talk was ‘The Golden circle’ which focuses on starting with the ‘Why’(see the diagram below)

By this I mean what is the core purpose of your business? As mentioned in the diagram above this is not sales, this is the core business belief and cause. The ‘Why’ gives you purpose and motivates people to take action. The ‘Why’ allows people to share a vision, become part of that vision, buy into it, they are buying into a belief, a brand that says something about them. Start with your why and then create compelling marketing around it.

Look at your business and find ‘why’. Use Simon’s ‘Golden Circle” to do this. Whatever action you decide to take, it’s important to find your ‘Why’. Let me know how you get on and please feel free to comment below or connect with me.