It’s happened fast. Marketing personalization has quickly gone from a “nice-to-have” to something that your consumers have come to expect. Data-driven personalization has provided marketers with the ability to serve relevant content to their consumers that is truly applicable to them. For marketers looking to hyper-personalize their efforts, the personal connections that are an inherent part of peer-to-peer marketing just can’t be beat. And the data speaks for itself: higher conversion rates, average order values, lifetime values, NPS scores… The list goes on and on. Referred customers are better customers. And, as with your other marketing strategies, the more personal your referral program, the better your results.

A few of our favorite ways for brands to personalize their referral program include the ability for advocates to edit their referral messages to friends, provide advocates with unique codes to share, and to pull in the advocate’s picture everywhere possible. This type of personalization is far more about individualization than it is about machine powered learning and algorithmic content targeting – whether offers, products, or ads – we so often think about as personalization.

If you’re truly looking for individualization and the person-level insight that comes with it, start with your referral program, your advocates, and their referred friends. Your referral program’s friend landing is a new opportunity marketers can leverage to up their referral program’s personalization. At the most basic level, it’s done by presenting referred friends with a familiar face. This new feature, when applied, pulls in the advocates face right into the forefront of the friend experience, so that referred friends can see exactly who referred them as they go to click-through your site as they get to know your brand for the first time. It’s a powerful reminder that a trusted contact who knows the friend personally (their style, needs, and current situations) referred them to a brand that they believe in.

Placing the advocate’s face on the friend landing can not only power higher click throughs and conversions, but can effectively drive more sharing, amplifying reach and driving more revenue, all through your referral program. Why? Because it’s personal. Just like a warm welcome offline and in person between friends. A welcome photo of a familiar face can have a lasting and emotional effect to those coming to your brand for the first time.

How can marketers do this in the anonymous, anti-login world consumers live in? The new feature presents marketers with all of the tools to pull in publicly approved social data when there is a match on the advocate. It’s the same capability that powers Extole’s automatic advocate segments, and now can be leveraged to truly take your personalization to the next level.