As we all know life can be full of challenges and tests, and none more so than in business.

But it is how we respond and adapt to these tests and challenges, that determines if we are to succeed or fail. However sometimes we don’t even need to be presented with a problem or a test, but our blinkered view or resistance to change or to try new things can ultimately lead us to failure – a point unfortunately proven by Nokia.

The Scandinavian mobile phone company Nokia, once had a complete monopoly on the mobile phone market, it seemed as though it was a Nokia or nothing. Their global mobile phone market share was up over 50% during their peak, but now they have fallen spectacularly to failure, with now less than 3% of the market share.

During a press conference a very teary eyed Nokia CEO and his senior management team took to the stage, to discuss and announce the fall and sale of Nokia, his speech finished with the following line…

Adapt your business or fail

By not staying up with the latest trends, learning and experimenting with new methods, and their resistance to new technology advances, are all things that ultimately led to their downfall.

Could you or your business be accused of the same?

When was the last time you researched the market to discover and learn new ways or technologies?

When the last time you caught up with what the average modern day or future customer wants?

The mobile phone has not only changed the way our businesses can market themselves, more importantly they have changed the way our customers prefer to get marketed to.

75% of millennials prefer SMS messages for offers, surveys and deliveries (OpenMarket)

77% of customers have a positive perception of companies who use text messaging (OpenMarket)

Your business might be bubbling along nicely with all things looking rosy, all your marketing exploits, services and products all working nicely – but I remind of the quote above “We didn’t do anything wrong, but somehow, we lost”

You do not need to be doing anything wrong, everything can seem fine, but if your competition hits a new method or on a trend and you are slow to it, then before you know it you could be left behind and end up becoming obsolete.

SMS and mobile marketing is not a trend, they are here to stay and their importance grows by the day with the modern day customer preferring it to other ways of communicating. So make sure you or your business capitalises on this, try mobile marketing, try using SMS to send out offers, appointment reminders or customer service messages…

7 out of 10 retailers are still missing out on SMS

Who knows, ignoring SMS might just be that very expensive business mistake.