Nokia is looking forward to hosting the participants attending the inaugural MarketingCamp Silicon Valley Unconference. We are expecting an audience composed of more than three hundred marketing industry thought leaders, innovators, collaborators, entrepreneurs, and maybe even a guerrilla marketer or two. We believe that by mashing up marketing skills across industries, disciplines, and companies, we’ll end up raising the bar on marketing innovation for all participants.

To create this context, MarketingCamp Silicon Valley has adopted the Unconference format, which is based on Open Spaces Technology. It’s an excellent forum to encouraging the generation of ideas that people can respond to. This format has raised the bar in other disciplines ranging from product management (via ProductCamp) to cloud computing (via CloudCamp). Now it’s our turn and we plan on mixing it up a bit.

The inaugural marketing camp is tailored to the business needs of professionals working in Silicon Valley. Offering around 30 sessions, our goal is to provide marketing topics that cover the Valley’s most crucial business concerns, from performance marketing to brand building. More important, we hope to capture topics unique to Silicon Valley.

Silicon Valley marketers have pioneered such areas as social- and interest-graph marketing, the gamification of marketing, customer insights from big data analytics, behavioral targeting (and the associated privacy debate), location-aware marketing, and app and widget marketing, among other advancements.

The MarketingCamp Silicon Valley team is also targeting innovation beyond the Valley’s 100 square miles. This unconference is designed as a portable program so that marketers across the country can host it in their communities. Interested in rolling out a MarketingCamp unconference in your city? Steal our logo, copy our site, appropriate our content, and pillage our sponsors. Heck, we’ll give you a full instance of our site in a sub-directory on Just ask us how.

Why? Because by helping you focus on advancing marketing innovation, instead of site administration, then when it comes time for the next MarketingCamp Silicon Valley, we can pick up where you left off and integrate your conversations into our dialogue.

More than anything else, MarketingCamp Silicon Valley is about having fun. While marketing is reasonably serious stuff, learning about it doesn’t have to be, particularly on a Saturday in November. So, take as large or as small a role as you want and let your feet do the voting. The only thing you need to participant — as a participant or as a volunteer — is a desire to have fun while doing what you do best.

See you at MarketingCamp Silicon Valley!

This post was originally published on MarketingCamp Silicon Valley.