Here is one powerful marketing tip for any business to increase sales and revenue. McDonalds has made millions using this idea. Why not you?

tips to increase sales and revenueIf you are like other owners and managers of small to medium sized businesses, you probably have tried a lot of different marketing and advertising methods with hopes of increasing your revenue.

You can spend a lot of money on social media campaigns, billboards, television spots, print ads and more, but you may not see a result no matter how much money you put in. Why?

Because unless you differentiate your products or services from others in the marketplace and increase the perceived value, you will be viewed as offering the same thing as everyone else. I want to show you a way to increase the perceived value of what you offer… and increase your revenue at the same time.

Your product should not be just another commodity.

marketing ideas for small businessCommodities are products like salt, sugar or rice. Whether you buy them from business A, B, or C doesn’t seem to matter… because they are all perceived as being the same.

You may have the most effective marketing campaign that gets the word out about your commodity, but if it is perceived as being no different than what someone can get just up the street from them, then all your efforts result in a marginal sales increase.

Now, perhaps you are thinking to yourself, “What I offer is not a commodity!” Sure, you may be selling tee shirts, accounting software or graphic design services. Perhaps your product or service is different from your competitors. But, do your customers know that?

Become an alchemist with your product or service.

marketing tips for small businessIn the Middle Ages, the medieval science of Alchemy would mix two or more elements together with the intention of creating another, more valuable substance. Alchemists would often try to combine different metals with the hope of creating gold.

While you may not be able to create gold, you do want to create a product or service that is not a simple commodity but something more valuable and unique. If you want to stand out in the marketplace and be perceived as uniquely valuable, then consider becoming an Alchemist.

Examples of modern marketing alchemy

Here is an easy example. If you sell rice, you sell a commodity, but if you become an alchemist and add chicken, spices, vegetables, sauce and a signature flavor, you have created a valuable product that people will go out of the way to buy at a higher price. Plus, they can’t really buy this anywhere else.

modern marketing alchemySo how do you do this for your business? To be an alchemist, you should bundle certain products or services together to maximize the value and uniqueness of your offering. Think of McDonalds. A small hamburger (yawn), fries, and soft drinks are commodities individually. But… bundle them together and you get a valuable combo meal. Or you package them in a unique way, add a 17 cent toy and viola! you have one valuable, bundled product that your kids fight over.

Think of Rooms To Go that entices you to buy one of their complete furniture packages by also offering a flat screen TV that goes perfect with a new living room set. It increases the perceived value of what is being offered. It is the “sweetener” that makes the whole package seem more valuable.

Sum of the whole is greater (and more profitable) than the parts.

sum of the whole is greater than the partsIf you think like an alchemist, you will bring about more profits. You will differentiate your products from your competitors by making it more valuable, and people will go out of their way to get it. With product alchemy, your customers will not only remember your brand, but they will also spread the word to their friends and family by recommending your offering.

While marketing could help your business, you can do a lot for your bottom line if you follow this marketing tip for small businesses. Bundling through alchemy let you make money by bringing valueless commodities together to create a memorable, valuable product that consumers will love.

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