The landscape of ‘advertising’ has changed drastically and if you are still googling what Influence Marketing is, then you are probably way behind the curve. Brands look for consumers to trust their marketing campaigns, but large display advertising or television commercials are no longer giving the results that companies (large & small) need. The engagement has changed! Traditional advertising campaigns are considered antiquated by today’s marketing landscape.

Savvy companies have embraced peer-created content to drive their products and services; trust in consumer to consumer marketing. Peer-created content has a much larger impact on a brand because of the trust and validation that comes from consumers relying on the peer source for other information – it’s a known trusted source! Kate Miller, Client Success Director at HireInfluence, summarizes the primary difference between Advertising and an Influence Driven Campaign as this, “The overreaching goal in an Influence Driven Campaign is to assist our clients in infiltrating the “trust zone” of their target market by spreading their message from the inside out as opposed to broadcasting from the outside in.”

With this formula of utilizing trusted peer-content driven marketing, authentic influence is spread among the masses by people who enjoy being the bearer of the information and received by those who trust what they are reading. The influencer has a sincere love for this process and it comes through in their delivery. There is a quality in the creation of their content that is personal and deliberate. Bloggers & Vloggers genuinely want to inform others about their experiences and make the world a better place! Influencers have proven effects on behaviors so much so that larger advertising agencies are hiring Influencers to achieve what a $10 million advertising campaign realized ten years ago. Influencers have the ability to effect behavior change immediately – blogs/vlogs are views on cell phones, laptops, tablets – items that are attached to us like our smiles and our feet! We read, we do, we relay. In a way, even if you don’t have a blog, you become an influencer once you take the word of a peer and pass it on.

There is real value in the Influence Market – we are talking into the billions! A good blogger can make a million dollars easy! Influencers need to be valued and most earn their money the hard way. The majority of Influencers can’t become brand specific; it’s too limiting a decision. So the old adage, “they were paid to say that” is only half true. Bloggers pick and choose their paid campaigns, they choose who can advertise on their site. If a Health & Beauty Influencer decides to let Revlon advertise on their website, then they can never expect to handle a campaign for Rimmel, Benefit, Too Faced or Urban Decay. It’s a balancing act for the Influencer, one that is both exciting and lucrative.

Everyone is discovering the huge presence that Influencers have in the advertising world. The reach of the Influencer is analytically measurable, more so than the old style advertising campaign. They paradigm shift is unmistakable! They dynamics of InfluenceMarketing Campaigns have loosened the topsoil in the foundation of the advertising world.

Source: HireInfluence