Today, I have the opportunity to take our company into a new direction by the suggestion of an official with a major corporation.

I was given this opportunity two months ago and I have embraced it by putting out the best image possible in the hope of getting store managers to place this item in their stores. I don’t want to give too many details because as of last night, I was still doing some last minute planning.

Have any of you received a suggestion from a client or an outside party and ignored it or did not take it seriously. The suggestion I received came from a current client who shared my name with a major company. I took the offer seriously and had one of our representatives follow-up in person and better understand their needs. From that connection, I received the invitation to present  our concept to the corporate store managers. Opportunities like this do not come around very often.

If successful, it could open up other opportunities that at one time we had never really considered.

The last few weeks have been weeks of planning, designing, connecting with others closer to this market and ultimately building a product that looks and feels professional and is very unique in the industry.

Today is the day to make it all worth-while.  My co-worker and I are looking forward to a new experience in selling and we feel really confident about our product offering. In addition, I made sure some core managers and supervisors knew about our project and they, too are excited about this new venture. Making it a team approach really helps build confidence in the product and helps create a cheering atmosphere.

Just like the lady in this picture, we are so close to closing this deal. It’s a lot of work, but the ultimate goal is worth it.

I share this post with you for two reasons:

  • Make sure you take all suggestions from clients and outside parties seriously. Look at the possibilities and solicit the right people to see if the suggestion makes sense.
  • Get others involved with your initiative, both internally and externally. It really helps build confidence in the process and strong momentum going into the ultimate sales day.

Stay tuned for part two – The overall outcome of this process.

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