dynamic numbersFor marketers who gear a good deal of their strategy toward SEO and PPC, the capability to track which of those efforts are generating phone calls and sales leads is a valuable ability to have in the marketing tool belt. To help you make the most of your online efforts, here’s a quick lesson on dynamic phone numbers and what they can do for your business.

What Is Dynamic Number Insertion?

Dynamic number insertion (DNI) enables online and mobile marketers to display unique phone numbers on a website based on the referring keyword, pay-per-click ad, search engine, or online or mobile banner ad to track which traffic sources generate phone calls and sales leads for their business.

Using Dynamic Number Insertion for Your Business

With dynamic numbers, you can track online marketing ROI by displaying a unique phone number for each visitor to your site that, when called, will capture the keyword, referring domain, or ad campaign that drove the caller to your website. Then, using voice-based marketing automation tools that provide call tracking reports, you can determine which marketing efforts generate the most phone calls, as well as the best conversion rates and marketing ROI.

Levels of Dynamic Number Call Tracking

A good voice-based marketing automation tool will provide different levels of dynamic number call tracking.

One to One

You can assign a single phone number to a specific online or mobile traffic source (e.g., PPC, SEO, keywords, domains, ads). Based on the referral source of a visitor to your website, a phone number associated with that traffic source is dynamically displayed. You can then view reports online to analyze conversion rates for different keywords, search engines, or online and mobile ads.

Number Pools

For larger online and mobile marketing campaigns, you can assign a group or pool of phone numbers to a specific traffic source/medium (e.g., campaigns within a Google Adwords account). Based on the referral source of a visitor to your website, a phone number from that pool is dynamically displayed. The user’s referring search query and domain are captured because each user is displayed a unique number from the pool.


Session-based call tracking tracks phone calls to your website from traffic sources without assigning multiple number pools to specific sources. This solution provides the easiest initial configuration and most broad call tracking, but limits your control over custom greetings and call routing.

How It Works

Unique phone numbers automatically assigned to each traffic source

Each online and mobile ad campaign, search engine, or target keyword is assigned a unique phone number or pool of phone numbers. When a visitor is referred from one of those traffic sources, a unique phone number will appear on your website allowing us to track conversion rates for phone calls.

View reports to measure which traffic generates phone calls

Once you are set up, view reports on which phone numbers receive calls in real time. If you are a search engine marketer managing online and mobile PPC and SEO campaigns, this is a great way for you to track phone calls, not just clicks, as conversions for your website.

When it comes to the success of your online and mobile marketing efforts, you should have full control, with the ability to test and tweak campaigns as quickly and easily as you want. To learn more, download Marketing to Smartphone Users: New Mobile Strategies for Driving Sales Calls.