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Give me a documentary about traveling to Mars, distant Black Holes, and news of the latest exo-planet discoveries, and you’ve made me a happy guy.

Right now, the National Geographic channel is airing a great series called One Strange Rock. It’s hosted by actor, Will Smith, and features interviews from some of the greatest NASA astronauts. The show focuses on the astronauts and how their perspective on Earth has changed since they’ve seen it differently than every other human that has ever lived.

Each astronaut interviewed said that they have been changed in a profound way, and that they now realize the Earth is one big connected environment. Almost as if it is a living, breathing organism, one that is both resilient and fragile.

Hey Ryan, how does this relate to marketing?

I’m getting there, just setting the scene to blow your socks off.

So the Earth is one big connected environment. How? The weather patterns a hemisphere away can dictate forest growth on another continent, the smallest organisms give us oxygen and a butterfly flaps its wings in Africa and you get rain in Florida. That kind of stuff. The planet is one big connected system. It just takes a higher view, or different perspective to notice how it’s all linked together in beautiful web.

The same goes for an effective marketing campaign.

You just need a higher view.

My role as an Inbound Marketer at Impulse Creative puts me in a position where I can focus on that higher view. I can see how all the pieces of a brand are connected.

We get a lot of clients who come to us for one or two things. Some want a jazzy new website. Others only want a Google Adwords campaigns or to give them a strong brand voice on social media. The good news is, we totally rock at all that stuff!

But it’s all connected.

If you’re going to start a new Adwords PPC campaign, where are we going to send the traffic? Do you need a new landing page format and design? If yes, then you’ll need those new pages to be branded consistently with your website.

You want a snazzy pants new website, but do you know that if you want to see any results from from it, it needs to be designed with a lead generating Inbound Strategy. That strategy needs consistent and targeted blog content that works to turn site traffic into quality leads.

You want an attention grabbing and edgy voice on your social media channels? Awesome! Will that cool new tone of voice match your company’s editorial style guide and the existing copy you have on your website? No? Sounds like you need more than just social media services to complete your marketing ecosystem.

Are you starting to see how every piece of the digital marketing universe is connected?

Your website, your social media, your blog content, your paid media, your visual brand–it all needs to be consistent and designed to target your ideal buyer personas. Each piece is part of a puzzle, that when created with strategy, helps your business grow.

So when that client comes to us for help with just one piece of the marketing ecosystems, we go above and beyond and dive in with a full audit of their entire marketing environment. We can create and manage just one system, but to do it effectively, and to reach the goals you want, other pieces of that environment typically need to be addressed.

That’s the difference between us and average marketing agencies, we actively solve for you and help you grow your company into a strong brand. We don’t just slap a band-aid on and call it a day.

It’s all connected just like our One Strange Rock. Maybe instead of calling myself a Marketing Strategist, I should start referring to myself as a Marketing Astronaut. Someone who sits high above your company’s marketing planet, making sure all the systems are connected.

Boom. Socks blown off?