Are you the type who believes anything that’s on the Internet? If you’re into B2B marketing then be forewarned; if you start believing in rumors spread across the World Wide Web then prepare to be in a world of hurt (so to speak). Well, not really you in general, but your business.

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Think about it; even if the news or the story came from multiple references and sources, ask yourself, can they really be 100% trusted?

There is a study conducted by Harris Interactive of and a detailed article written by Kate Freeman in which the sources show that a large amount of people, living in the United States alone, do not trust the Internet. It is not that everything on the Internet is false, it’s just that one should always be careful before believing in the stories posted in numerous sites; especially those stories posted in social networking sites.

According to the recorded study which involved 1,900 Americans, a whopping 98% do not trust information when read from the Internet. 94% of the 1,900 Americans says that bad things can happen as a result of acting on inaccurate information found on-line.

This is true for most situations, not just reading stories on-line. We should never act so hastily without gathering the necessary facts and resources to back up our stories.

Going back to the study, the following are reasons why many Americans do not trust the information found on-line:

  • Websites with too many ads

  • Information that’s outdated

  • Self-promotional type of information

  • Forums without a common topic

There are other fears why Americans (if not most people in the on-line community) do not like staying too long on the Internet which can include getting a virus that will destroy their computer system, losing money from scam sites, the risk of people getting away with their money and information, and a potential damage to their respect and credibility.

Now as a b2b marketer, what does the above information entail for your marketing endeavors?

Well, thing’s are going to get harder as it would seem. However, this is not the cause for fear or confusion; you just have to get facts (the RIGHT facts) when you’re speaking to your prospects. In short, get your facts straight!

Giving out information to your targeted market from credible sources (like worthy news sites like CNN or Forbes) will allow your potential client to get the feeling that you know your stuff. The better to allow the building a strong relationship of trust between you and your soon-to-be client. So whether it’s for maximizing the generation of IT leads, advertising to a wide market using social media marketing, or even just through word of mouth marketing through the Internet, make sure you get the right kind of facts to support your business proposal.

The Internet may be crawling with false information but behind the looking glass there will always be the truth that hides behind the lies. All you need to do is find a way to get to the truth before taking any immediate action; b2b marketing or otherwise.