DES-616-Blog-Post-Graphics_BudgetMarketers are challenged with ever-increasing goals to identify and engage new prospects. It would be great if we could achieve company revenue and customer-acquisition goals simply via inbound tactics, converting personas that arrive at our website.

But this simply isn’t reality. Today, demand gen requires the right mix of inbound and outbound marketing.

Here are the top nine reasons why outbound demand gen is a must for any marketer’s 2016 budget:

9. There are far more information sources at a prospect’s disposal than company websites and social media pages.

And expecting all your prospects to arrive at your doorstep without distributing your content among the places they’re having relevant conversations is just wishful thinking.

8. Outbound demand generation is a proven method of scaling business.

This is especially true if your inbound efforts have plateaued. Read this interview with Seagate Global Online to get Liz Du’s perspective on balancing outbound and inbound.

7. It’s a great way to enrich your database with known ID data.

Using third-party lead generation partners, you can pinpoint exactly which type of known data you’re looking for.

6. Provides new perspectives on your target audience as well as insights on new audiences.

Your personas will likely behave differently when engaging with your content on media that isn’t your website or social pages – this is useful information. Moreover, when your content is released into new environments, you’ll likely come across new buyer personas you previously weren’t aware of. Watch this webinar to see how DocuSign is using outbound.

5. Outbound initiatives are a great way to repurpose marketing content.

Most marketing teams spend a great deal of time and money creating powerful content. Why not get the most out of this investment by distributing content through outbound channels as well?

4. Outbound bolsters inbound efforts.

You and your team invested a lot in your website, owned landing pages and social profiles. Generating demand via outbound channels surges traffic to these pages through additional branding alone.

3. It’s a pivotal component of modern account-based marketing (ABM) strategy.

ABM requires precise targeting and multiple lead sources to engage specific personas within named accounts. You simply can’t do this without using outbound marketing methods.

2. Your competition is using outbound channels.

The economy is growing and more organizations are spending. This has created a rush to “get to the prospects first.” Forward-thinking B2B marketing orgs are doubling down by balancing inbound efforts with strong outbound initiatives.

1. Marketing technology has largely automated outbound marketing.

In fact, outbound is rapidly becoming just as automated as inbound, which is evidenced by the number of companies using outbound demand generation software to streamline lead source and media partner management, data validation, lead normalization and delivery into nurture tracks, and closed-loop reporting. Read these customer stories to see how Five9 and TIBCO have automated outbound.