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Over the last few years, employee advocacy has become an important process to many medium, large, and enterprise companies across various industries.

It’s one of those terms that started gaining traction quickly, but it’s more than just a trend or “fad.” In fact, employee advocacy is more important than ever.

More and more businesses are researching and investing in an employee advocacy solution of their own.

While it may not be a common term in your vocabulary currently, tons of recognizable brands have implemented employee advocacy including Starbucks, Dell, Zappos, HP, and many others.

What is Employee Advocacy?

Before I dive into the reasons your company should invest in employee advocacy, I think it makes sense to quickly define the term.

Employee Advocacy is simply the promotion of a company by employees who share their support for a company’s brand, product, or services on their social media networks. While social media is often the main medium for employee advocacy, employees may also use other outlets like email, chat, forums, discussion boards and more.

While social media is often the main medium for employee advocacy, employees may also use other outlets like email, chat, forums, discussion boards and more.

Now, ready to learn why your company should invest in employee advocacy? Below are 9 reasons you should use employee advocacy to increase your business.

Boosts employee engagement and productivity

One of the main attractions of employee advocacy is that it helps boost employee engagement and productivity. Many times, generating more engaged employees is a challenge that most businesses would love to solve. Employee advocacy can help.

Many times, generating more engaged employees is a challenge that most businesses would love to solve. Employee advocacy can help.

Employees who are engaged with your company and product are more passionate about their company, their work, and their careers, which can give a big boost to your business. Employee advocacy gets employees more involved with company content, encourages them to share their ideas, and can keep employees in the loop about their company (transparency).

Giving employees direct company insight, contribution opportunities, and valuable content will keep them happier and more engaged, which will improve overall productivity.

Increases lead quality

Since employee advocacy involves social media and content sharing, a big driving factor of investing in this process is that it improves the overall lead quality.

Generally, most businesses want to increase revenue and get more quality leads. Simple right?

In this employee advocacy guide, the research found the following about employees:

  • Employees have an average of 1,090 social connections
  • Employees have 5x more reach than corporate accounts
  • Employees social followers are 7x more likely to convert

Additionally, a Nielsen study showed that 84% of people trust recommendations from friends, family, colleagues over other forms of marketing. Those statistics are a powerful case for investing money and time into employee advocacy.

Essentially, your employees now become the extended lead generators for your company and because of that, the quality of those leads is greatly improved.

Drives more web traffic

This goes along with the increasing of leads and quality, but is worth mentioning separately too.

With every new link and content share, your company will see an increase in web traffic. As long as your company continues to create valuable content that is worth sharing, your new leads will be more likely to engage with your brand themselves.

Plus, more traffic means even more potential leads and opportunity to move the lead from the initial stage of the sales funnel towards a final conversion point.

Improves brand visibility

Typically, one challenging aspect for companies and maybe even your company is brand visibility.

With so many companies sharing content, posting, and fighting for web space, how does your company stand out or be seen?

Employee advocacy will help with brand visibility and keeps your company name in front of people consistently.

Think about how many employees your company has, their average social connections, and how often they start sharing content.

Your brand and content have a better chance of being seen constantly everywhere. This helps people recognize your brand and develop a sense of trust since your company content is being shared by so many people.

Just like with advertising, the more times your brand is mentioned, the more memorable it becomes. Let your employees improve your brand name recognition by increasing the number of times it appears before your audience.

Increases overall reach

As employees post, you will find that each advocate reaches hundreds of potential leads your corporate profile doesn’t currently have following it.

If your company has hundreds of employees, you could be reaching thousands or tens of thousands of people you wouldn’t otherwise reach. Since you have a targeted demographic you want to sell your product or services too, your employees help you reach those people directly.

You probably are also spending money on advertising to get your brand out in front of new eyes, but that should be more of a compliment to your employee advocacy efforts.

How often do you click on an ad compared to clicking on something a friend or colleague shared?

So make sure you are also spending time and effort on programs that will increase your reach through your employees.

Helps social recruiting

Sometimes an overlooked advantage of employee advocacy is social recruiting and improving the talent pool.

When your company is ready to hire, typically it’s posting the available position on the website, job boards, and maybe even working with a recruiting agency.

Now, you can get quality candidates from these standard processes, but employee advocacy can also help improve the overall amount of talent.

A company that has many employees all talking about the value of their workplace has a much easier time getting new talent to apply and accepting job offers. Since smaller businesses often struggle to offer the kind of prestige that larger companies offer, they often benefit most from this kind of recruiting to potential talent.

As you know, better talent and new hires mean better business results.

Turns employees into thought leaders

While the benefits of employee advocacy help your company, it’s also important to address how it benefits your employees. Although employees may be happy to participate in promoting your brand, they also want to know it adds value to them as well.

Although employees may be happy to participate in promoting your brand, they also want to know it adds value to them as well.

With employee advocacy, employees can easily be transformed into thought leaders within their space. If they have access to great content, whether, from the company or related third-party sources, their peers are more likely to follow and trust their content.

This also boosts your employee’s overall knowledge, which can be applied to their careers and current job duties.

If your company is known for having helpful and knowledgeable employees, then your company becomes a more trusted and appreciated brand.

A win for not only your company but your employees.

Employee collaboration and feedback

Typically, once you are starting to invest in employee advocacy, your next step is finding a program that can be used as the central location for everything.

Now in this software solution, you have all your content, employees who are participating, along with data and insights on content performance.

Before it would be challenging to do all this, but employee advocacy software simplifies this. And since you have a central location, employees have more insight and can contribute their ideas or provide feedback.

Engaged employees that are empowered to participate are the kind of employees that push a company to new levels with collaboration.

Happier customers

Up to this point, I highlighted the benefits of employee advocacy for your company and even how it can help your employees.

Yet, another important piece to mention is it improves your customer’s happiness.

Without your happy customers, your business would not exist.

Because you have enabled employees to participate in your employee advocacy program, improved their engagement, and overall happiness, this, in turn, affects their interactions with customers positively.

If your employees are happier and your business is more visible, then your customers will be happier.

In the end, the fastest way to boost your business is through happy customers. With happier customers, you just might be ready to move on to making brand advocates out of them as well.

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