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Measuring the success of your brand ambassador program is important. But what metrics should you use as indicators of success? Which measurements will allow you to see for yourself the success of your brand ambassador program? When analyzing what your ambassadors have contributed to your brand during a particular marketing campaign, consider the following:

Metrics to track for each brand ambassador campaign:

  • Brand reach during campaign. How many people have your ambassadors reached on social with brand-relevant content?
  • Traffic to brand sites and events. How many people are your brand ambassadors attracting to your site and to your in-person events through their promotional posts about your brand? Having your ambassadors use UTM codes can help you monitor the sources of your online traffic.
  • Revenue generated/influenced by campaign. How much revenue has your brand ambassador campaign brought in?
  • Total campaign-related activity on social media. How many posts on social contain the campaign hashtag?
  • Total pieces of content posted on social media by your ambassadors. How many items did your ambassadors post to social throughout your campaign? Did it match your goals for amount of content generated?
  • Amount of engagement with ambassadors’ campaign-related content. How many likes and comments are ambassadors’ campaign-relevant images and posts receiving? You may want to focus on a specific subset of your customer base. How many influencers have engaged with the content?

Together, these metrics will give you an idea of how your brand ambassador campaign is performing.

You should also keep track of the following for both each individual campaign and your ambassador program overall, to assess the state of your brand ambassador program and what each campaign is providing to your brand:

Metrics to track for both individual campaigns and your overall brand ambassador program:

  • Participation rate. Of the brand ambassadors you have brought onboard, what percentage are actively engaging in campaigns? If they are participating, how frequently are they participating in campaigns?
  • Top participants. Which brand ambassadors are most involved in your campaigns, continually generating content and adding value to your brand? These are the ambassadors you whose content you will want to feature, and who you might want to reward for their loyalty with incentives.
  • Inactive participants. Which brand ambassadors have not yet contributed content to your brand ambassador campaigns? These inactive ambassadors are good candidates for outreach: is there a way you can get them involved? If not, perhaps it is time to begin seeking alternative ambassadors.