We love digital marketing here at SnapApp. We live and breathe online content. But we also know that sometimes you need more than an interactive infographic to get your audience’s attention.

Sometimes you’ve got to go offline … and go BIG.

I rounded up 9 of the most out-of-the-box, live-action marketing examples I could find. Some of these you may have heard of – but I guarantee there are a few in here that will surprise you!

1. Netflix: Halloween Doorbell

Around Halloween in 2016, Netflix launched an online, DIY build-kit for a decoy doorbell that played spooky sounds when pressed. The microsite walked you through the build process – and the result was some hands-on Halloween fun.

2. Uber: Ugly Sweaters on Demand

Never one to shy away from rocking the boat, Uber ran a campaign in December 2016 that delivered ugly sweaters to Uber customers. For one day only, customers could order up to 4 New York City ugly sweaters for free by connecting with an “ELVES” vehicle on the Uber app.


3. Kit Kat and Android: Have a Seat

An oldie but a goodie, this Kit Kat / Android collaboration campaign from JWT Amsterdam combined creativity with generosity. Anyone sitting on these special benches at specific times would win a new Nexus tablet. Watch this video to the end. I think the winners are as excited about the fanfare as they are the tablets!

4. Colossal Media: Street Art

This outdoor advertising company specializes in producing massive works of art on the sides of buildings. Their clients include the likes of Coca-Cola and Vans. Take a few minutes to admire this breathtaking portfolio.


5. Coca-Cola: Selfie Bottle

If this doesn’t illustrate our current culture, I don’t know what does. Coca-Cola created the “selfie bottle,” a device that attaches to a bottle of Coke and automatically takes a photo when the bottle reaches a 70-degree tilt (the supposedly perfect angle for flattering selfies).


6. Volkswagen: Mobile Basketball Hoop

This campaign from car maker Volkswagen turned parking spaces into basketball courts in Brussels. The mobile hoop moved along a track, and had sensors that could tell when a car pulled into the space. Once the parking space became occupied, the hoop would move down the track to another open space.

7. Adobe: Bad Stock Photo Tees

Love to hate bad stock photos? Adobe Stock Apparel released a clothing line celebrating the most infamous stock images online today.


8. GNV: Dog Toys

This campaign went to the dogs. To announce that their ship cabins would now welcome guests’ furry friends, the Italian shipping company GNV partnered with an agency to create dog toys with small advertisements on them – and buried them for dogs to find and bring back to their owners.

GNV – Buried ads from DLV BBDO on Vimeo.

9. WWF: Paper Mache Panda “Flash Mobs”

WWF tapped French sculptor Paulo Grangeon to help bring attention to the conservation of the endangered panda bear. The artist created 1,600 papier mâché pandas, which WWF then put on a month-long tour of the world. The massive collection of paper pandas showed up in Berlin, Paris, Taipei, and Hong Kong before heading home.


How will your next marketing move make an impression?