Lead Capture Basics

lead captureAre you suffering some abandonment issues because your call-to-action click-throughs aren’t resulting in lead generation? Tired of spending hours crafting the world’s most delicious TOFU content offers, only to find that no one is downloading? If you’re a believer that the quality of your TOFU offer matters more than your landing page offer, think again. Kissmetrics research found that editing a landing page for more relevant language results in 99.4% higher lead generation. Even if your conversion rate is awesome, there’s a chance you could still tweak the page copy and design for more leads. Considering more leads equal more ROI, who wouldn’t want to take advantage of these tips?

1. Be Blinkable

1, 2, 3. Okay, time’s up. According to Corey Eridon of HubSpot, landing pages are susceptible to what’s known as a blink test. Your average page visitor will give you three seconds, and if they can’t figure out what to do during that length of time, they’ll just hit the back button. Avoid clutter, long forms, the need to scroll or anything else that could obscure the page’s mission of lead generation.

2. Show Me the Value Proposition!

Don’t leave anything to the imagination on your landing pages. You don’t want prospects to think, aside from thinking about converting. Make it clear why they can gain from filling out the form and downloading. Your headline should read “in this eBook you’ll learn” and lead into a minimalist checklist of the topics covered in your content offer.

3. Use Your Personas’ Language

If there’s any time to be compelling, it’s on a landing page. This means you should really drive home the relevance of your content offer in as few words as possible. What are your buyer personas pain points that lead them to your website in the first place, and how do they talk? Are they 20-something bartenders who keep cracking their iPhones, or middle-aged Dentists who want better arch-support in their shoes? Speak to them in their language.

4. Format

The most effective landing pages are formatted for maximum ability to scan. Draw the reader in with an engaging image and a large headline, and use bullet points or a numbered list to increase the chances your prospects will absorb at least most of the information. You landing page should be designed above the fold, which means the visitors shouldn’t be required to scroll.   Use a bold headline, sub headers and bullet points or numbered lists to increase the chances prospects will read the text and convert. Your text should be entirely above the fold, which means that no scrolling is required.

5. Write a Sparing Form

It’s a fact that your prospects are going to feel creeped out if you ask for personal information, like their full address, age, weight or social security number. Don’t make them share anything more than you need, which is  probably a name, email address and one other piece or data, like a job title. Does your business have a problem generating too many low-quality leads? HubSpot has found that bumping up the length of your conversion forms results in fewer leads that are more likely to result in a sale.

 6. Be Actionable

The best landing page forms make your leads want to spring into action. Verbs are your new best friend while writing landing page copy. Will your prospects learn to “save money on entertaining?” or “sell their home in record time?” If you make them feel like a solution is just a click away, you’ve succeeded.

7. Be Attention-Grabbing

Lead Generation expert Oli Gardner references a wildly successful campaign that had download buttons that read “Don’t Click Me.” There wasn’t any fancy design, but it was so attention grabbing, no one could resist converting. You don’t have to be so off-the-wall, but you should use your actionable terminology on the download button, and edit it to say something like “Let’s Go!” or “Start Your Engines!”

8. Be Trustworthy

You don’t want to give your prospects too many places to leave the landing page, but you should make every effort possible to not appear sketchy. Gardner recommends putting your company’s phone number in a visible location. A link to your privacy policy is a stellar idea, too.

9. Be Recognized

It’s wise to simplify your landing page design. You want the focus to be on the value of your offer and the form, instead of dealing with your prospects eye’s darting around a complex design scheme. That being said, don’t change the layout too much: the landing page some resemble the rest of your website enough that prospects don’t feel they’ve left your site entirely.