Technology has played a critical role in the marketing landscape; transforming the way teams communicate, collaborate, and perform. It has led to more automation, changing the jobs and skill sets that are necessary for the growth of businesses. As a consequence of that, employers are changing their organizational structures and the skills they’re looking for in their marketers as they adapt and move forward.

The workplace of today looks dramatically different to the workplace of a few years ago and will continue to change. Organizations are going to look for a more diverse workforce in the coming years, and it’s important to prepare for it.

By 2020, the skills marketing organizations need to be successful are going to be very different than what they are now. In a space that’s increasingly dominated by artificial intelligence and robots, having a strong grasp of what companies will be looking for in marketers is valuable.

A Marketing Talent Agency’s 8 Key Work Skills Marketers Should Have by 2020

As a marketing talent agency, we believe you should start investing time into developing eight key work skills by 2020. To get a sense of what these skills are and to prepare for the future of digital marketing, check out the infographic below:

the future of digital marketing marketing talent agency

Video by Jacob Morgan

Concluding Words from a Marketing Talent Agency

Marketing has gone through an extraordinary transformation over the past few years and will continue to do so. By 2020, there will be a tremendous shift in the skills employers expect from marketers.

With the landscape of marketing and the workplace changing, preparing for the future requires a commitment to lifelong learning. This brings upon great opportunities to learn and stay ahead. Regardless of your current position, you have the power to propel yourself forward and build an incredibly rewarding career.

How prepared are you to take on the future of digital marketing? If you have any additional work skills you think marketers need to focus on, let us know below!