Ready to be inspired? See what top businesses boasting websites with chatbots are doing and learn how to translate these web chat examples to boost your own bottom line.

Web chat is a chat widget on a website that uses live chat, chatbots or a hybrid approach.

Web chat offers unicorn benefits to businesses of all stripes:

  • Web chat increases conversions 45% as customers get instant answers
  • Customers prefer chat over phone and email when they need customer support
  • Websites with chatbots cut costs by screening customer service inquiries automatically
  • Web chat converts anonymous website visitors into captured leads

Here are 8 websites with chatbots qualifying leads, assisting with sales, and automating customer service with live chat integration:

  1. B2B: MobileMonkey
  2. Services: Massage Envy
  3. Restaurant: Domino’s
  4. Ecommerce: Peloton
  5. Health care: American Well
  6. Brick-and-mortar: Lincoln Davies Building Supply
  7. Real estate: Portside at East Pier
  8. Brand affinity: Casper

Have a look, learn new web chat strategies and take notes for your own unicorn business bot.

Web Chat Example for B2B: MobileMonkey

MobileMonkey’s mission is to provide marketers with tools to design and launch chatbots for lead generation and conversion.

As the Best Bot Marketing Solution, MobileMonkey is an expert in using websites with chatbots for maximum potential.

Start chatting with our web chat and you’ll notice a few strategies in play.

MobileMonkey uses multi-channel chatbots. That means the web chat you create works in more than one messaging app.

If the website visitor is signed in to Facebook, they will be greeted with a Facebook chat widget that captures basic lead information and allows for follow up in Messenger.

If the web visitor is not logged in to Facebook browsing incognito, the web chat is a native web chat widget with no login required.

Either way, the customer and the business is able to communicate and have a real-time conversation.

Learn more about how to use live chat for lead gen.

Takeaways for B2B websites with chatbots

  • Use a chatbot to make first contact with the visitor.
  • Provide options for more info with a guided menu.
  • Even B2B businesses can express humor and personality. In a sea full of donkeys, a little fun makes a B2B brand stand out.
  • Give options for connecting with live support.

Web Chat Example for Services: Massage Envy

Generally, most services need to be booked ahead of time.

Web chat for service-based businesses is one of the most convenient ways to book appointments.

Massage Envy does this successfully through Facebook Messenger web chat.

Spas are all about relaxation and privacy, so providing visitors a convenient way to book an appointment gets them in the door faster and might even lead to more appointments booked.

Whether they’re on a subway commuting or just woke up in pain from yesterday’s workout, they can schedule their service and move on with their day.

From 24/7 convenient appointment booking to instant, real-time answers to any questions, service businesses that implement websites with chatbots are effective.

Takeaways for service-based websites with chatbots

  • Provide a menu of options to guide visitors to info.
  • Allow for appointment scheduling with a calendar.
  • Send automated appointment reminders.

Web Chat Example for Restaurants: Domino’s

The Domino’s bot is pretty well known, for good reasons.

It’s the best order online experience I’ve had, far better than any new-window-screen-pops-up-and-now-I-have-3-new-tabs ordering experience.

If you’re in food service and you offer order-ahead, then try this out.

It’s fantastic, easy, and adding in images makes everyone hungry (and maybe even likely to order more food).

Plus, if you’re a small business, it’ll free up some employees from answering calls so they have more time to work on orders. It’s likely to even lead to fewer order mistakes because it’s all in text and you’re not dealing with deciphering words through a bad connection.


Sure, making websites with chatbots requires a little time — 5 minutes. Yup, it’s bananas. There is even a restaurant bot template for you.

Takeaways for restaurant websites with chatbots

  • Make ordering simple with no more than three options (new order, reorder, or track order).
  • Use rich visual imagery.

Web Chat Example for the Health Care Industry: American Well

Next up is American Well, a telemedicine company, that provides a great example of how websites with chatbots can determine user intent quickly.

Curious about who your site visitors are? Ask them what brought them to your site today.

It’s a clear and easy question.

Plus, by providing pre-filled buttons to click, you can not only help users navigate the many pages on your site, but you can also learn more about who is behind the screen.

See how easy that was?

Now, American Well has received some valuable information about the web visitor and can adjust accordingly.

Takeaways for health care industry websites with chatbots

  • Ask questions with easy answers.
  • Create a few unique paths for each set of responses.

Web Chat Example for Retail: Peloton

Yes, the Peloton craze is strong. And the high-end, on-demand workout and fitness equipment seller is using web chat to their advantage.

There’s something they do with their website chatbot that I really love. After asking users how they can help, they automatically start connecting a Sales Team Member to the chat.

It’s websites with chatbots efficiency at its best and reminds me of a digital version of how Apple takes care of customers in their stores.

First they check you in to learn about the issue, so that by the time you sit down with a team member, the issue is nearly resolved.

The same thing happens in web chat:

Takeaways for ecommerce websites with chatbots

  • Screen visitors for intent.
  • Give product details.
  • Offer up a connection to live agent takeover.

Web Chat Example for Brand Awareness & Affinity: Casper

One in four Americans experience insomnia each year.

So, Casper, the mattress ecommerce company, decided to do something about it.

Nope, they didn’t solve or cure insomnia. They used websites with chatbots to their advantage and capitalized on some of those insomniac feelings.

It’s lonely being up at 3 am when everyone else is calmly asleep and rejuvenating. So, Casper created a unicorn chatbot, the Insomnobot 3000, to keep all those millions of people company.

Only awake between 11pm and 5am local time, the bot is exclusively for insomniacs.

How cool is that? Not only is it a super creative use-case, but it no doubt picked up some media and led a few more insomniacs to learn about Casper. Brand awareness for a win!

For insomniacs who already use and love Casper, well, now they have a bit more affinity to the brand who gets them.

It’s cute. It’s simple. It’s creative.

Perhaps, there’s an Insomnobot version for your own company. Go find your unicorn!

Check out another brand awareness chatbot case study.

Takeaways for brand building with chatbots

  • Creative doesn’t equal complicated.
  • Take a simple idea and spin it for your brand.

Web Chat Example for Real Estate: Portside at East Pier

This Boston apartment building is capitalizing on leads with its Rosie bot. By providing options like “Availability / Pricing” and “Amenities” or “Fees”, they’re creating transparent communication, all through a very simple use-case of their bot.

Ever searched high and low on a website digging for pricing information? It’s extremely frustrating!

What I like about Portside is that they do the very opposite, and it’s still effective. Perhaps, far more effective because users aren’t irritated by the time it takes to learn an answer.

While a past strategy might’ve been to bring those leads in before ever dropping the dollar signs, Rosie is actually able to qualify those leads better by showing off floor plans, pricing, and availability dates upfront.

In turn, she brings much higher quality, interested leads into the building.

None of what Rosie is doing is novel. It’s not that no one else has ever thought of using websites with chatbots in this way.

It’s simply that Portside and Roseland Residential Trust pull it off in a clean, effective way that you can replicate.

Takeaways for real estate websites with chatbots

  • Be upfront with information.
  • Use clear buttons.
  • Give details.

Pop over to this tutorial to build your free chatbot. You can do it in under 5 minutes.

Web Chat Example for Brick-and-Mortar: Lincoln Davies Building Supply

This brick-and-mortar shop has been in business for over 145 years and operates as part general store, part hardware, and part lumber yard.

The five-generation family run business uses websites with chatbots to reduce customer support costs and improve sales qualification.

Their changes led to a 25% reduction in online support costs and a 111% increase in their customer list. See more in a brick-and-mortar chatbot case study.)

How? With some pretty simple tactics.

They offer up a welcome offer to those who interact with their bot.

Not only does this draw consumers in, and potentially entice them to stay on the site longer, it also drives them directly to products and reviews so they can find what they’re looking for.

Smart tactics, considering they sell hundreds of home improvement products!

Takeaways for brick-and-mortar store websites with chatbots

  • Use your reviews and testimonials. They’re valuable marketing assets!
  • Entice visitors with a unique offer available only through your bot

Be a Web Chat Unicorn

As you can see from these website chatbot examples, web chat can simplify business processes and create lasting connections with your visitors.

Launching websites with chatbots doesn’t have to be complicated nor does it require crazy dev time.

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