Images play a vital role in social media marketing. And there are enough data to support the notion. According to Zabisco, we process visuals 60,000 times faster than text. And 40% people respond better to visual content, compared to any text information. Almost every brand is working on this area and trying their level best to charm their audience with visuals. But only a few are doing it with an A+ grade. Zomato is one of them.

Zomato is a restaurant and other eatery finding application that currently operates in 15 countries including India, Brazil, Turkey, Indonesia, New Zealand, the Philippines, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, Chile and Portugal.

Now coming back to their social media campaigns, if you see their Facebook page, you would know that I am not at all exaggerating. Here are 8 lessons every brand should learn from Zomato.

They are entertaining: They always manage to put a smile or sometimes big laughs on your face. There lies the greatness of Zomato’s Facebook strategy. It tickles the funny bone, always. Probably, this is one of the reasons that you cannot ignore their updates, once they hit your timeline.


Excellent graphics: Each post of Zomato marks excellence and higher degree of creativity. You can detect something new on there every post. It may be a new foodie thought, or a new pain-point of their audience, or just an extraordinary post on a regular affair. All their updates offer freshness as well as a clear message.

They never fail to cash the latest happenings: Zomato always create something for ongoing events. And their USP is that they do it differently. For example, take the following post about Valentine’s Day for instance. It covered every type of people, no matter if they had a date or not. And ultimately, the foodie, who was without a date, had the final smile.


Have a definite call-to-action: It’s now proven that call-to-action is an important factor of image marketing. Zomato does it flawlessly. But what makes them different from others is, they do it very delicately, so that their posts don’t sound too sales-y.

They prefer quality to quantity: Experts have been preaching to give importance to quality and not to quantity. Zomato follows it. They don’t post everyday. Sometimes, they skip posting for a fortnight. Does it affect their engagement? No! Their audience eagerly waits for their updates to come. And when it makes the grand entry, engagement reaches the zenith.

Updates are simple yet engaging: Zomato does not use industry jargons. Their posts are simple with enticing graphics and text. It increases their engagement quotient to a great extent. No matter how their posts are, be it text-rich or graphics-rich, you cannot go away reading the entire piece. If you are a Zomato fan on Facebook, you would admit this.


All posts are relevant to the niche: Zomato deals with food. All their posts are somehow related to the industry and successfully tickle the foodie bone of every person. Sometimes they suggest their audience on their food choices while sometimes they literally drag them to browse their website. In other words, Zomato successfully brings out the foodie in you.

Knows its audiences: Zomato knows its audience, and how! There are posts for everyone, or to say it precisely, for every foodie. Be it a series watcher or a sports fan; a parent or a tech geek, Zomato deprives nobody. Take the following update for an instance.


And all these make Zomato one of the finest brands in terms of social media marketing. You can do it too. All you need is, a little creativity, backed by a bit a hard work, dedication and passion for your work.

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