Marketing is a very important strategy in getting any type of product reaches a targeted audience. It can be done either online since we are in the internet error or offline which is the traditional way using brochures, magazines or newspapers.

Definition of important terms


In most cases, most people believe that a market is a designated location where they have to walk to but in the real sense, it is any place where buyers and sellers meet to exchange goods and services. Can be online or offline.


This refers to getting products out there for consumers. The seller has to make an offer to the buyer which he must accept, usually the buyer often never has the thought of purchasing the product. Therefore marketing sometimes provides the need for a product.


May be defined as a person who challenges or persuades you to do something. A role model sort of.

Influencer Marketing:

Refers to paying a known leader, public figure or expert to market products and drive traffic to a larger market.

Marketing Campaign

Refers to promoting goods and services using specific, identified channel of activities used to market a product.

Therefore to sum up what influencer marketing campaign is, it simply refers to companies, individuals or producers striving hard to get their products reach a multitude of people possibly worldwide depending on the platform they use.

Getting the products out there a larger company may choose to use a known big brand as their influencer, for example in Kenya, Safaricom which is the biggest mobile network operator company may decide to partner with PayPal to promote its Mpesa (mobile phone-based money transfer) services.

Big brands may choose to collaborate with individuals who have huge following such as social media influencers that have credible, transparent posts instead of sponsored ads to launch and promote newer services to the market.

Micro-influencer marketing

Brands may also partner with people that have a very small following to launch and promote their products. These group of people work in specialized areas and mostly share contents of their interest, they are called micro-influencers. They have a more decent following that boasts very serious engaged audiences. The process of promoting products is called micro-influencer marketing, the strategy used successfully by Stitch Fix and La Croix Sparkling Water.

An example of micro-influencer marketing would be a skilled article writer and a blogger with tens of thousands of following who provides training programs via email, write blogs on the specific niche they are gifted in, post videos with instructions on Instagram, twitter etc. for their fans to watch and learn from the tutorials at the comfort of their homes. These bloggers have a unique fan base with the loyal following because they provide authentic materials that appeal to their needs more than to the needs of their fans surprisingly, and their overall posts and shared content receives a great number of involvement relative to the size of their fan base.

Reasons why micro-influencer marketing is important

  • It has more targeted audience, Market reports
  • It is more affordable
  • It is more credible

Other successful ways of influencer marketing would be through

  1. Using experts, public figures and social media influencers

A company may use a well-known celebrity like Beyoncé to promote its products, let’s say the company needs to promote a deodorant, because Beyoncé has a million following and she is a great entertainer too, the deodorant would reach multitude of people within seconds, same applies to experts who understands the strategies of micro-influencer marketing and marketing at large.

One difference we see between micro-influencer marketing and social media influencers is that the latter may experience drawbacks such as the influencer may reject the given products by a company to market, he or she might also misrepresent the products or receive a backlash from the public light or get into trouble with the law. Thus the company should be prepared for any of these.

Micro-influencer, on the other hand, is more reliable and very professional in its dealing with its fan base.

  1. Word of mouth

Using word of mouth strategy to market a product is very useful since it’s cost effective, helps in building the brand and because people trust verbal things more than adverts. In this method, a customer makes recommendations to a product. People trust word of mouth more thus it yields effective recommendations.

So how can influencer marketing campaign thrive?

8 Effortless ways to achieve this.

  • The schedule, everything in life needs to be well planned out ahead of time for proper execution.

Therefore, a timeframe needs to be looked into in order to strategize the communications and the end results of the campaign, from conception, setting it up to final analysis. This can be done in a drafted format, before commencing the project.

  • Identify the most credible influencers, you don’t want your products to receive bad ratings and reviews or backlash, therefore, carry out a thorough research on authentic social media influencers and good micro-influencer marketing strategies.
  • Use all the small and big platforms; do not look down upon small groups on social media or even on the offline platforms like the use of television to advertise the products
  • Follow the law and abide by it; Make sure you look for influencer marketers that are very professional in their work and will not put you into trouble with the law. Besides the FTC recommends that any and every document connections be disclosed.
  • Form a relationship with the social media influencers, Form a binding relationship with any influencer prior to requesting them to advocate for the product. This can be done through facebook or twitter inbox and direct messaging
  • Micro-influencer marketing, You should advisably look for an influencer who is specialised on the specific niche you are looking for, for proper marketing of the products
  • Access content rate, the rate at which your product should be accessed needs to be as easy as possible, use the big social network such as facebook, twitter. And other portals
  • The campaign, Organize campaigns especially on the ground that would make your product sell.


Micro-influencer marketing can be as huge as social media influencers and people will always be in need of something whether they know it or not. So as a producer choose your channels wisely to make your products thrive.

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