These days, bringing in leads is starting to become more and more difficult. People already have a good idea of what they want and what they are willing to pay for. Because so many things are accessible to people via a quick Internet search, it’s a challenge convincing those leads why they should buy your product and services in the first place.

If there’s anything you can do right by your leads, it’s providing them with as much value as you can, without losing time or money for yourself. Anytime a person can get something valuable for free, then they are going to be more inclined to pursue you.

Of course, this aspect of lead generation isn’t necessarily a given. Because the trends are always changing, it’s important to deliver things as quickly and efficiently as possible, which is where marketing automation comes in. Create these pieces of value for your leads, while you sit back and watch the conversions take place.

1) Put Together an Ebook They Can Download

Free ebooks are super valuable to leads because it provides them with a lot of useful information without them having to spend a dime. The catch is that you leave them hanging at the end, and collect their information before they can download it. They’ll be so interested in what they’ve read, they’ll want more – and, won’t mind paying for it.

Writing an ebook may sound like a lot, but once you write it and put it up there, it’s evergreen.

2) Offer a Whitepaper When Someone Signs Up

Don’t have time to write an ebook? No problem. Consider going with a whitepaper instead. (Or, extract some key content from your ebook.) Share some very valuable information as a PDF which they’ll get when they sign up. It should take you just a few hours to write up and the yield can be very high.

3) Produce Meaningful Blog Content

Content is always the perfect way to continuously provide value to leads without needing to tire yourself out. Keep in mind that blog content can come in any form you see fit. You can share relevant material, write an article, share a story, or post a video. It doesn’t need to take a lot of time, but it does need to be free and easy for your leads to see. (This is where social media comes in!) Blog content is still one of the biggest ways leads learn about a company, and you’ll want to keep this up in some way throughout the lifecycle of your business.

4) Create an Email Series

Many companies are creating evergreen email series as a way to bring leads in for free. Now, you can always do a paid email series that’s more informative and complex, but this is a good place to start. Inform leads that if they sign up, they can look forward to getting informative emails in their inbox for the next X amount of days or weeks ahead. If you can automate this series once it’s created, that’s way less time for you.

5) Consider Doing Podcasts or Videos

Podcasts and Youtube videos are a great way to reach more people without lifting a finger. Writing content can sometimes be time-consuming, but putting together a few video clips or audio recordings that answer some of those problems your leads have, is gold. Don’t even worry about having someone edit those videos right now, either. There are plenty of free programs out there, like Filmora, that will help you do this without having to spend any money. Give those leads value for free, while you sit back and relax.

6) Offer a Free Call or Demo

Another great way to bring in leads who aren’t sure about committing to you quite yet is by offering them a free call or demo. Give them a taste of what buying your products or services would look like, and then sell them on your packages (and offer a discount) at the end. These shouldn’t take too much of your time – just 30 minutes – which should be just enough time to reel them in.

7) Hold a Webinar

Last but not least, webinars are very effective when it comes to providing more value to your leads in half the time. By leading a webinar or a conference where leads can see you face to face and learn a new skill or more information, it’s a win-win situation.

Since leads are not yet paying customers, there’s absolutely no reason you should spend more time and money on them than you have to. Set up a few of these free offers with your marketing automation software, and see what the results are. We’re pretty confident you’ll like what you see.