Every year, at this time marketers get their heads down to analyze results of past year and plan for the coming year. Strategies and goals are made; predictions from marketing pundits are scanned for insight, and experiences and leanings from the past are collated to come up with a rocking marketing plan for the New Year.

Seven Marketing Tips

As you make plans for this year, here is a list of trends that we believe will drive marketing efforts in 2013.

1. Provide value. Don’t sell.

Don’t think this needs explanation. Companies who are blowing their own trumpet have are already fallen behind. Be meaningful or be ready to disappear.

2. Web is a passe’. Be Smartphone ready.

Laptops, tablets, mobile phones – we are connected to our audience through all these screens but the one that is live and ticking 24/7 is the mobile phone. It’s time to think mobile first.

3. Personalize that experience!

At any given time, multiple brands are vying for users’ attention. Give your users the experience that (goes back to the #1 above) makes them feel is customized for them and they won’t fail to remember you.

4. Social – Everything.

Every asset that will go on the web from a company’s brand name will have the potential to go social. So next time just double check before you take it live.

5. a) Marketing runs on the technology engine.

If you think you can do it on your own or with a small team of dexterous marketers then just a reminder – we are in 2013 not 2003. With all the things that marketing today has to worry about- without technology ‘it just aint possible’. Marketing technology is not the shiny new thing. It is in there in the system. Embrace it before it too late.

b) Strategy is the gas on which this engine runs.

So you (already) know that technology is critical to marketing. Congratulations. But do remember that you have to do the heavy lifting yourself. Technology is the enabler not the thinker. My recommendation – Don’t just get the technology in, make your strategy for 2013 sooner than later.

6. Communicate Visually!

2012 was the year of visuals – infographics, memes, videos – all are the new heroes of your marketing and will continue to be so in 2013. Albeit with more creativity and dynamicity.

7. Only Numbers – Everything else will cease to matter

Marketing results will no longer be given in terms of blogs created or social media channels joined. Significant budgets will be allocated to marketing and a major chunk of sales will move to marketing (if it already hasn’t). Marketing will be about results that too in measurable numbers like conversions and downloads.

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