7 Top Secret Ways To Connect With Influencers and A-Listers

One of the biggest mistakes we make with online marketing is relying on a single traffic source…

Where does all your website traffic come from?

Social media, search engines, ad campaigns, referral traffic…

Is your traffic evenly distributed across all of these mediums?

It’s dangerous to focus on one platform to promote your content and drive traffic. Look what happened when Google changed the game…

To this guy.

google analytics to connect with influencers

And this guy.

google analytics 2 to connect with influencers

And this guy.

google analytics 3 to connect with influencers

The same thing happened when Facebook decreased organic reach and decided to focus on “paying to play”.

It’s better to get even amounts of traffic from several different sources, than one huge source. It diversifies the risk and helps your traffic levels stay consistent.

Influencer marketing is a great way to build a diversified traffic portfolio, because influencers have an effect on multiple traffic channels.

The cool thing is that if you connect really well with influencers, you’ll get traffic from search engines and other platforms as well.

Instead of chasing traffic, you should let it chase you. How?

Don’t see influencers as an opportunity for backlinks, likes or re-tweets – see them as an opportunity to connect and become their friend!

Let’s dive into the tactics that will help.

To bring a little weight to this and show that I have experience, check out this video that was made about me by a legend in the social media field.

This guy has a email list of almost half a million people, he runs the largest social media conference in the world, and he’s making a video about me? Yup, he sure did, but how did I get this busy guy to do this for me?

Below are seven ways people don’t usually connect with influencers, that I used to get results exactly like this.

These are all methods I use to connect and stay connected with the best. The methods are working, but you must keep trying and never give up. Some of these methods are new and some are old, but the thing is that they’re hardly being used. That’s the path you want to take to stand out, do something different.

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Let’s start…

1. Build a connection spreadSheet

A great starting point is to list out your contacts, the people you think are important for building your brand. Do a “memory dump” into an excel sheet and start building from there.

I know this can be hard at first, but you want to type these down and keep track of everyone. These people need to stay in your loop.

This is greater than your email list, these are the people who help build your email list. Yes, your email list is your tribe, but without the power circles, influencers and networks, you wouldn’t have a tribe.

Staying in the loop with these guys helps keep the traffic, shares, and revenue coming. That’s why you keep coming back to this spreadsheet and keep up with these names. By not doing this, it could mean a lost connection, and you definitely don’t want that.

Within the list you should include:

  1. Their name
  2. Their email
  3. Their website
  4. Their Twitter handle
  5. Last time you’ve contacted them
  6. Your status with them. For example: Close, acquainted, cold, etc.

spreadsheet to connect with influencers

2. Leverage snapchat

There are over 100 million users on Snapchat according to this post. That’s 1/10 as saturated as Facebook, which gives you room to be seen. Less saturation means more engagement. More engagement means higher chances of connecting with influencers.

Here’s how…

I follow A-listers, watch them act crazy, then I send them a message and do it regularly.

They reply back at this point, because Snapchat isn’t flooded with noise (yet). From there you can build a connection.

Where else can you send a video to someone and actually be seen by a major influencer? Within minutes on top of that.

I’ve actually used this tool to help me build connections with some very influential people. However I understand this place will be flooded and won’t be as powerful very soon.

Platforms at their youngest stages do better when it comes to connecting.

So this is what this looks like in strategy mode:

  1. Find bloggers/influencers who use Snapchat
  2. Open your Snapchat and watch them
  3. When you see something interesting, comment and tell them your thoughts
  4. Do this regularly. That’s the secret, stay consistent
  5. Then after a while go for the point of action and see how they react
  6. The biggest thing is to become a familiar name

3. Mention them when you guest post on big blogs

I wanted to interview a legend (Neil Patel) on my marketing podcast. He’s not an easy guy to get a hold of and was looking for a way to persuade him to get on.

Me being a blogger, I naturally use his blog posts as resources within some big blog articles. I sent him an email and told him what I wanted, how I was a fan, and how I mentioned his articles in many places. Within a few minutes I had him scheduled for that weekend to do an interview.

mention to connect with influencers

At this point I realized how powerful this method was. It’s like a snowball effect, where one mention results in another mention and so on.

Doing this gives you something to email them about. It’s like presenting a gift to them, and they’ll definitely love you for it. It gives you a reason to connect and a way to build your power circle.

Mention 3-5 influencers per article and soon you’ll be connecting to so many at a swift rate.

So this is what this looks like in strategy mode:

  1. Find major blogs to be featured on
  2. Outreach to 10-20 major blogs
  3. Land just one of those blogs
  4. Write an epic article
  5. Mention 3-5 bloggers within that article
  6. Get published
  7. Email those bloggers
  8. Get featured on their blogs
  9. Repeat steps 5-9

4. Create a SlideShare presentation all about them.

When you’re famous, rich, and at the top there’s nothing more important to know than to know you left your mark.

To know that you’ve inspired millions. It’s breathtaking really.

If you can demonstrate the impact influencers have made on Slideshare, Prezi or anything creative like this, be ready for them to share this and connect with you.

This is the “Bryan Harris” effect. It’s how he built Video Fruit, by writing, and sharing his success stories with those who inspired it. They bring him out as a trophy in front of thousands and see people come to love Bryan.

I’ve also used this to be featured on Smart Passive Income. However, in my situation, I wrote about how Pat’s style of email marketing increased his email rates (you can read that here). Then I based it on a case study I built and Pat loved it. He replied to my email within minutes.

So this is what this looks like in strategy mode:

  1. Find one influencer who you really love
  2. Make sure their audience is huge
  3. Study their life and major accomplishments
  4. Turn their story into a creative Slideshare, presentation, blogpost etc.
  5. Make it really entertaining
  6. Reach out with Twitter and email
  7. Watch and see what happens

Here’s one done about Seth Godin:

15 Motivational Marketing Quotes from Seth Godin from InsightSquared

5. Send them a video

I did an interview with another legend and he said the #1 thing people didn’t do, that he liked, was send him a short video in an email.

Within the video you connect with the influencer and convince them to do XYZ.

Snapchat is great with this, however, not everyone has Snapchat. So uploading a video and sending the link to an influencer is the other best way. Within the video, make it creative, quick, and straight to the point. Also, how does this help the influencer? If it doesn’t, implement that before sending.

You must learn the deal process, why will this influencer help you, what do they get out of this? It’s called the art of the deal.

So this is what this looks like in strategy mode:

  1. Figure out what you’re proposing. How does this benefit them?
  2. Then think creatively. How can you keep their attention for 3-4 minutes?
  3. Maybe do a song, a poem, an action clip, or just you talking
  4. Tell them what they’ve done for you. Confirm their content is working
  5. Offer your proposal at the end

6. Interview them

Connections bring swinging doors before us, introducing us to new galaxies we have never seen before. Connections are the hinges to new opportunities.

That’s why I started a podcast. If nothing else, I built connections and I make them look good. That’s all that matters to me. If you do this with a 100 legends a year and you’ll be growing like fire. That’s why I took this route and it’s definitely helped me build the network.

So this is what this looks like in strategy mode:

  1. Look for an influencer you’d love to speak to
  2. Use the above methods to connect with them
  3. Get them on your podcast or interview them for some other reason
  4. Build a stronger relationship (podcasts do that)
  5. Publish and email the influencer when it’s out
  6. Stay connected

7. Implement the “Saturation Effect”

After you do all these things and do them consistently, you’ll be achieving what I call the “Saturation Effect”.

Soon, you’ll be famous in their mind. They’ll be thinking about you because you’re a connecting ninja. You do something 99% of people don’t do. You follow up and you do it like a pro. You’re not annoying, but you’re giving.

Very few have this gift and you’re sticking out to these influencers. Many go hard for a few weeks (or days) and just give up. The “long-termers” keep going, and they give everything they’ve got. This is how you get planted deep within the minds of these legends, and that’s exactly what you want. And soon, you’ll be the very influencer you’ve always looked up to!