Marketing executives are charged with driving big, impactful, and difficult work to get results. To hit these big goals, we need to know who’s capable of generating new marketing ideas, defining strategies, and executing work across teams. The skills of high potential talent become clear by watching people work through new experiences.

Marketing talent that rises noticeably through the ranks has these 7 traits:

  1. They embrace change well.

They see change as an opportunity to take on new challenges. Change looks like the road to new ideas, experiences and growth to these curious people.

  1. They don’t see ‘challenge’ as a dirty word.

They see challenges as a proving ground for new professional opportunities. When asked to think differently, these talented marketers eagerly embrace the chance to explore new ideas and strategies. Collaborating with others to figure out solutions to hard problems gets them fired up.

  1. They anticipate what needs to happen next.

By focusing on why things need to change, they’re anticipate what needs to be done. These marketers are good at leading staff, peers, and executives to the logical next step.

  1. They welcome conversation.

It starts with a focus on helping others. These switched-on leaders are in it to help the team, the cause, and the organization. To serve joint goals, these talented marketers see dialogue as feedback that improves understanding. They practice active listening so that they know how to add value and how to bring others to the table. This includes listening more than talking – so they can hear what others have to say.

  1. They gain trust through respect.

Rising stars and top performers see others as respected peers and allies–regardless of rank, title and resume. They understand that colleagues have unique and valued perspectives, experiences and goals. By seeking out these views, these top marketers more easily offer and build trust.

  1. They channel passion into action.

These daring doers want to be great at the marketing craft. Their ability to channel their passion into high impact work makes them inspired and effective.

  1. They have the capacity to learn.

These marketers may intuitively have all of the preceding traits. What’s more, they have the capacity to learn. They seek knowledge at every opportunity. It’s the capacity for learning that makes for mastery of the craft.

The good news is that these are learnable traits for marketers. Anyone can enjoy work more or advance their career by practicing these skills.