Outdoor marketing can be a powerful business strategy, particularly during spring and summer when your audience spends a lot of time outdoors. Outdoor marketing tools can be used to increase brand awareness, so customers think of your business first when they need what you sell; they can be used to introduce your products and services, and to create desire; and they can be used to promote events and motivate immediate and impulse sales. Boost business this year with the following seven hot outdoor marketing tools for spring and summer.

1. Banners

Large vinyl banners are excellent outdoor marketing tools for locally-based businesses and even nationwide businesses seeking to branch out in select local markets. Outdoor banners can be quite large, making them easy to read from a distance and perfect for placement alongside busy roadways. They’re also good for high-traffic intersection placement, targeted event placement, and outside storefronts and shipping mall entrances.

2. Stickers

Few, if any, marketing tools are as versatile as stickers. You can place them just about anywhere: on vehicle bumpers, walls, windows, doors, in outdoor public places (with permission) – any flat surface you can find.

Stickers are great for increasing awareness for your brand in any outdoor environment, particularly during warm months when customers are more likely to notice them.

3. Window clings

Window clings are perfect for motivating impulse purchases, particularly when you place them on storefront windows in high-traffic shopping districts: strip malls, downtown business areas, etc. Print colorful window clings that promote your seasonal sales to command the attention of passers-by to get them in your retail store.

Window clings can also be used to promote your business on-the-go; simply print window clings for your vehicle windows that feature your company name, logo, phone number, address, and website. You might also include a tagline that tells people what benefits they’ll receive when they do business with you.

4. Car door magnets

Another great way to promote your brand everywhere you go is to print car door magnets. Car door magnets are non-permanent, so you don’t have to worry about trying to get them off your vehicle later; plus, they’re large enough to effectively brand your company from a distance.

Car door magnets give your vehicles a professional look without the expense and permanence of vehicle wraps. You can even recruit employees, friends, and family members to sport car door magnets on their vehicles to help promote your business.

5. Posters

Posters are event marketing staples, perfect for getting the word out about your event to a large audience. Whether you’re sponsoring a community event, hosting a special event for VIP customers, or inviting the public to your open house, you can print posters to attract a crowd this spring or summer.

Posters are easy to place in public areas that get noticed: bulletin boards at grocery stores, restaurants, and bars; event venues and parks; and storefront windows, walls, and doors. Blanket your local area with posters to boost attendance at your event.

6. Flyers

Similar to posters, but perhaps more versatile, flyers are excellent outdoor marketing tools that can be placed just about anywhere. You can also print club card flyers to hand out to passers-by and encourage them to visit your nightclub, restaurant, bar or grill. This is an especially effective strategy if your establishment is located in a busy entertainment district: simply position a “street team” near busy intersections and have them hand out flyers with a special incentive (such as a free drink, entrée, or waived cover charge) to visit your club.

7. Yard signs

Often overlooked as mere political persuaders, yard signs are cheap and effective marketing tools that are excellent at promoting your brand locally and driving customer traffic to your storefront or website. Ask permission to place yard signs along high-traffic roadways, in prominent yards, near busy intersections, and anywhere else your target audience is likely to see them.

Many small businesses never engage in outdoor marketing; however, an intelligent outdoor marketing campaign coupled with strategic placement can boost your business every spring and summer. Take advantage of opportunities your competitors are missing and boost profits with outdoor marketing this year.

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