Whether you are the marketing department for a business, or are a freelancer or solopreneur wearing many hats, it’s important to keep up with the various changes that occur in the marketing world. From changes to Google’s search algorithms to new tools to help you keep up with SERP and SEO, there’s a lot happening in marketing every day.

Using various tools to manage your marketing related tasks is one way to get your plan up and running with a minimum of daily time investment. Your marketing is what attracts both customers, leads, and potential employees, so making sure that your client facing marketing is top notch helps your business thrive in multiple ways.

These seven tools are must-haves for keeping your pages where they ought to be.


To make your site rank as high as it can, you need to monitor a number of factors; you need to see what keywords and pages are ranking well, but you also need to look for backlinks that give your website authority and ability to compare domain to domain. This is especially important if you own multiple websites.

SERPSTAT gives you deep insight into the performance of your webpage. It operates on a freemium model; the website offers some basic information for free, and then offers more detailed information at various subscription tiers.


You know that memes, video, and more, can bring users to your website, establishing yourself as an authority in your industry or starting at the top level of your sales funnel. Creating these types of content can be complicated, however, requiring a level of graphic design knowledge and experience that can be difficult. Wyng gives you drag and drop options to create your campaigns, and then a single platform to manage them.


Analytics and keywords information are incredibly helpful, but if you’re seeing bounce after just a few seconds, you need to know why. CrazyEgg uses heat maps to show you where your visitors scroll, what they click, and can give you insight into why they’re abandoning your site. You get a free trial, but you need to provide payment information to access it.


Hosting guest posts and placing guest posts on other, authoritative sites, is a key marketing tactic that has worked for years. Although the value of guest posts has changed over the years, they are still a fantastic way to create backlinks, which helps your page gain prestige in the almighty eyes of Google. But if you’re not having much luck catching attention with your guest post hunting, this platform can help you pitch and locate just the right guest posting situation.

Guest posts are also a great way to flesh out your editorial calendar when you’re struggling to get a post up on your own.


Every social media site has different requirements for images, and trying to find the right size to maximize views and engagement. You could theoretically use the same image one very page, using the site’s own tools to crop the image, but the results tend to be less than ideal. With this free tool, you can get images at the pixel size you need. All the most common options are listed on the tool for easy access.


When you manage multiple social media accounts, getting your posting done and tracking performance can be complicated. You need to manage your engagement without falling into the time suck of “checking your social media.” Agorapulse gives you posting tools and analytics without drawing you into wasting your work day. Free trial is available.


Marketers are often advised to use hashtags on social media sites, especially Instagram and Twitter, to make sure their messages are seen by a broader audience. At the same time, companies that blindly use trending keywords can get themselves into a public relations nightmare; companies have accidentally tweeted promotions into threads about national disasters or boycotts, for example, infuriating potential fans.

Keyhole lets you research what keywords are being used, and how, before you jump into them and cause problems for yourself. You can also see which influencers are using the keywords, to see how much retweets will benefit you.

When you’re building out a webpage and a social media platform, it can feel like you’re starting everything from scratch and reinventing the wheel. Searching for how-tos online can be dangerous; many tactics that used to be useful, for example, are now considered black hat techniques that will devalue your page under current Google algorithms – or could even get your page blacklisted.

Which tools did we miss? Let us know your favorites.