Engaging your brand influencers in one successful influencer marketing campaign after another is no easy feat.

I see so many companies doing this the wrong way that I thought I’d give some tips on doing it right.

At B Squared, we know the key to long-lasting relationships with brand influencers is all about thinking conversation.


Why We Need Online Influencers

Why are businesses so bent on finding their brand influencers? Sure, it may seem like hype, but there is a method to this marketing madness.

Nielsen reports that 84% of worldwide consumers trust recommendations from people they know above all other forms of advertising.

To gently guide brand conversations in the direction you’d like them to go, your company should consider letting influencers do the talking.

Why? Because these peer-to-peer interactions can boost trust and create relevant interactions with your potential customers.

Implementing a solid strategy to keep in constant conversation with your brand influencers can help your influencer-driven marketing campaigns go the distance.

Good Conversations Start With Listening

Have you ever had a conversation with a poor listener? It’s brutal.

The best conversationalists always start with listening.

As do the best marketers.

Listening is even easier online because you’re able to search for and participate in relevant brand topics.

And, you can immediately engage with relevant brand influencers.

If you’re just getting started with influencer marketing, test out our ‘Think Conversation’ tips below.

Thinking Conversation With Your Brand Influencers

Here are 6 tips for keeping the conversation going with your influencers:

  1. Listen to your clusters of influencers regularly (Discovery by Affinio can help you with this!)
  2. Know the types of content your influencers create and share online
  3. Share brand influencer content with your audiences and tout the source/influencer
  4. Routinely comment on your influencers social media and blog posts
  5. Don’t just talk about “work” — show some personality and make conversations FUN
  6. Initiate the “next level” of communication, whether that’s chatting in private, through email, or even networking in person

Notice a common thread with the above tips? Not one of them includes asking for the sale.

Your potential influencers will be much more receptive to you if you truly get to know them first.

Listening = Learning.

As you learn, be on the lookout for common themes with influencers who are the right fit.

You’ll most likely start to uncover:

  • Which influencers are the most relevant to your industry
  • Who the most receptive and communicative brand influencers are
  • Their motivations behind sharing content

And once you know those three things, you’re well on your way to planning a prosperous people network!

How do you initiate conversations with potential influencers? Let us know in the comments section below!