There is not a singular marketing tactic that will work for every company or campaign. Using integrated marketing techniques is the best way to cover all the bases and more effectively reach customers in a variety of ways. While there are a lot of theories on the best strategies in integrated marketing, each business will want to approach this area in an individual way. Integrated marketing campaigns should always include these aspects:

  • Appeal to emotions. Find a way to make your particular message more personal. This can mean something as simple as mentioning the upcoming holiday season or describing winter weather. Address the reader directly and make him or her part of the marketing conversation. Stay away from campaigns that stray too far from your brand image, however.
  • Build strong partnerships. There is strength in cooperation and integrated marketing strategies should make use of this concept whenever possible. Find complementary companies to work with in cross promotion efforts. Choose these relationships carefully so that your business is not doing all of the work but that a true partnership exists.
  • Merge internal and external brand building. Building your brand is one of the most important things you can do. It’s important that employees understand the brand just as much as customers. If you are launching a new public relations campaign, hold employee training sessions. Even if you have no major shifts in company focus, it is good to touch base with employees from time to time to refresh your company image. Keep staff informed about upcoming initiatives and make marketing a matter of company culture.
  • Do your research. When at all possible, put a metrics system in place to determine what marketing tactics work and which ones are simply not worth the effort. It is much smarter to focus energy on a few quality successful marketing areas than to spread resources to thin by trying to use every promotional avenue available. Prioritize the strategies that give you the best return and save the others for “if you have time” later on.
  • Prioritize employee satisfaction. While happy customers are the best form of advertising, do not underestimate the power of employee opinions too. There are always going to be employees that are unhappy with their role or salary, but try to show appreciation where possible. Look at last year’s Wal-Mart employee protests. Even though the uproar from a small group of employees will certainly not put the retail giant out of business, it provides an unflattering view of company intricacies. Shoppers that can afford a slightly higher ticket price may be more likely to visit a Wal-Mart competitor because of their personal view of the way the company treats employees.
  • Write well. Effective communication is everything. Whether an email marketing campaign or a Tweet, the words need to be catchy and accurate. Making use of multimedia options like graphics and videos also increase the impact of marketing material, but if the writing is poor, the rest is irrelevant. If you find that your writing is not up to par then hire a freelance writer who will write creatively, concisely, and in a casual tone for the best results.

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