Having a great rapport in social media is becoming even more essential for businesses, especially those with an online presence. Good search engine optimization nowadays is only hitting the tip of the iceberg. Now it has become essential to increase your company’s social presence to bring in your market and help build it. If you are struggling with this aspect of your marketing, here are 6 different goals you should look to achieve in 2012.

1. Video marketing – this probably one of the most effective ways to really draw in your customers. A lot of people now are becoming more prone to visual means, so having a widespread of videos is an excellent way to help diversify your traffic! These videos help to spread your message or your product out much faster. If you create a funny/informative/interesting video, this will inherently invent social sharing which essentially does a good deal of your marketing for you!

2. Social Signals on your website – You cannot forget to have social signals on your website. Why? It spreads your information a lot quicker. When you have a site that has the LinkedIn, Digg, Google +, Stumbleupon, Twitter, Facebook buttons, that spreads your info out for free getting tons of potential leads.

3. LinkedIn – this is becoming a really good tool for driving targeted traffic to your site. With the different linked in groups dedicated to social media, blogging, SEO, and the like it’s a great way to stay in touch with what’s relevant. Rather than guessing for yourself, you can network with different people in your field to help build bigger connections down the line.

4. Twitter – This is not going anywhere, anytime soon. With the recent 300 million dollar investment, and the changes to the Twitter pages, it’s becoming a lot easier to advertise your product. You can create promote tweets that get to the top trending topic, and will be pivotal in creating good business relationships. More users, and more value creates better leads.

5. Google Plus – Google Plus is really changing the game with interacting directly with your circle. Google has already implemented the Google Plus button right on the search engine next to links and websites. This makes things a lot easier to share. With this kind of content base, it’s going to be very powerful on the search engine for your business!

6. Be Sociable-  Becoming more sociable with your different outlets will make you more valuable to your leads because you can get exactly what they want. The key is not just marketing, but being sociable and providing value!

In addition to your social media strategy, it is important to also maintain your SEO (search engine optimization) efforts so that you can increase your organic ranking. You will also want to continue with your conversion optimization techniques to help funnel that traffic into sales.