One of the biggest challenges a business faces is finding ways to get the most out of their marketing, but SMS marketing can help you do exactly that.

Sending a marketing text may be more powerful than you think

Being relevant in today’s ever-changing marketing landscape is more important than ever, especially if you want to reach your target audience and grab their attention (rather than getting lost among all the other marketing messages they receive every day).

One great way to do that is via SMS marketing (marketing via text messaging).

Here are several reasons SMS marketing is an excellent investment of your marketing dollars.

1. Real-Time Reach

Most people carry some type of mobile device with them at all times, and many of them even take their devices to bed with them.

Sounds like an opportunity to me.

SMS marketing is a powerful new way to reach your audience. When using SMS marketing, you can reach your audience in real-time (and at any time of the day or night).

Though obviously, you’ll want to be careful about sending messages in the middle of the night 😉

2. Text Messages Are Not Automatically Filtered

With email marketing, all your messages have to pass through a spam filter, which means your messages might never reach their intended recipient.

However, SMS messages don’t automatically have to pass through a spam filter before they are delivered, which means your audience will receive all your messages (without a third-party deciding for them whether or not your message is or isn’t spam).

It is possible, however, for the recipient to manually block your messages, but that can happen with any form of marketing.

The only way to get around that is to never have it happen in the first place, by providing them with the best, highest value content you possibly can.

3. Large Built-In Audience

More than 6.8 billion people use mobile devices.

That’s about 87% of the world’s population.

Additionally, mobile traffic across the globe accounts for 30 percent of all internet activity.

There’s a lot of people out there with a phone waiting for your message. If you’ve built a strong targeted market of people who’ve opted-in to your SMS marketing, you now have something superior to email.

And email works pretty darn well.


When people receive a text message on their mobile device, they are naturally inclined to check that message.

Just think about your own experiences — how often do you delete text messages without (at least briefly) glancing at them?

Getting over the initial hurdle can be as difficult as with any other form of marketing. However, if you’re offering high-value content, your recipients will be excited each time they receive an SMS message from you (and will eagerly open it).

Additionally, if you’ve crafted your message correctly, with a strong call to action, those same recipients may engage with you further by responding to your request, participate in whatever it is you’ve presented them with, or even make a purchase.

5. SMS Marketing Interactions Are Trackable

The capability to add tracking links to your SMS messages will help you identify who has interacted with your messages via their phone numbers, helping build your list.

This list will provide you with a wealth of information because it allows you to see who your loyal followers are. You can then provide more personalized content, coupons, and exclusive special offers based on the messages they have engaged with or responded to.

Personalized and customized messages based on each recipient’s wants and needs lets you target your marketing much more narrowly (and personally).

Much better than marketing the same generic message to every person on your list.

6. SMS Messages Are Interactive

Traditional marketing is a passive form of marketing that doesn’t really provide your audience with a way to easily engage with you.

For example, when a person is reading a magazine, listening to a radio ad, or looking at some print ads, there’s no way for that person to immediately interact with you.

They have to take other steps to reach out to you, which is inconvenient and something they could ultimately forget about by the time they are able to connect with you.

SMS marketing is interactive (and immediate). They can immediately respond to your message.

SMS marketing also makes it much easier for your audience to simply tap the screen to connect with you, and they can do so on their own terms.