Choosing to outsource any aspect of your sales process is a big decision, and not one you should take lightly. After all, with an outsourced lead generation partner, you’re putting a huge stake of your company’s sales cycle into the hands of another business – that’s why you need lots of information to make the best decision possible for your business.


The good news is that partnering with an outsourced lead generation company has more benefits than you might have initially thought. Consider the following six reasons you should capitalize on an outsourced sales partner for your B2B lead generation:

1. Less Financial Headache

Think about it: What would be your financial burden of hiring a completely new sales team? Or even for hiring additional staff to your current team? What about the cost of a trainer to get your salespeople up to speed?

It’s not just personnel costs either: think of all the time and budget that go into infrastructure, support and administrative costs. Those indirect, hidden expenses add up quickly, but with an outsourced sales solutions partner, you don’t have to shoulder those costs – or the headache that comes with them.

2. Easier Budget Approval

Hiring additional sales team members can also be an internal approval nightmare – not only for the additional budget but also for the hiring and sanction of the new salesperson. Plus, the timing of when you need another salesperson doesn’t always align with when your management will actually approve the hire.

Instead, it’s usually easier to find an unused area of your budget – or repurpose an existing budget – to hire an outsourced lead generation team who’s available on your timing. That way, your ramped up sales cycle gets moving faster and with less approval worries.

3. Warmer Appointments For Sales

If you work in marketing, imagine this scenario: What if you could hand off not just leads to your inside sales team, but warm appointments? Not only would your sales team love you, but you also increase the credibility of your hard work in generating initial leads for your company.

Having an outsourced lead generation partner turn your leads into warm appointments for sales helps your existing sales team do more of their best work: closing final sales. Warmer appointments also mean more robust follow-up on all of your marketing efforts, and fewer leads slipping through the cracks.

4. Better Feedback For Marketing

When you partner with a metrics-driven outsourced sales partner, your marketing team receives a scientific breakdown of your lead quality organized by individual program. For example, your outsourced lead generation partner should be able to give you an analytics breakdown on the success of your PPC campaign or any other given marketing tactic.

With a partner that gives your sales and marketing teams crystal clear feedback on lead quality and success rates, you’re empowered how to generate better quality leads and profile them with precision. These sales process insights let you put your demand generation dollars where they count the most – and not where they’re generating only little return.

5. Expert Guidance

Oftentimes the latest sales and marketing technologies are confusing or outright intimidating, especially when you’re using a tool for the first time in your industry. While you know particular sales technologies help build your sales pipeline, you just need some help to get them started.

This is where an outsourced sales solutions partner makes all the difference: Acting as an extension of your internal sales and marketing team, the right partner provides you with expert guidance on setting up each of your sales technologies in the way that best fits your business. That way, there’s a smoother learning curve and everyone is allowed to get back to what’s most important: closing more sales.

6. Robust Sales Cycles and Shorter Time to Ramp

Especially when it comes to the B2B sales process, every business appreciates a robust sales cycle and a shorter time-to-ramp and kick-off lead generation and development. An outsourced B2B lead generation partner helps make that happen for your business, acting as an efficiency catalyst between your marketing and internal sales teams.

When an outsourced sales partner delivers higher-quality warm appointments to your internal sales team, it reduces your follow-up time on initial leads. In addition, an outsourced lead generation team is already bought into your program, so they start kicking off your sales cycle on day one.

While making the decision to outsource your lead generation and appointment-setting efforts is still an important one for your business, it’s a much easier one when you consider these six benefits. When you find the right lead generation partner for your business, you’ll appreciate the boost in your revenue.

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