Viral marketing is a type of advertising campaign that relies on individuals to pass on marketing messages to other individuals, so that recognition of a product or service spreads and replicates, yes, like a virus. This approach can create a lot of positive impact during promotional campaigns or product launches.

The term ‘viral marketing’ can frequently be used interchangeably with, or in addition to, Influencer Marketing and/or Word-of-Mouth Marketing. This is because the content created for a viral marketing campaign is often spread by influencers, so finding a core group of influencers to work with right from the start will definitely increase the success of any viral marketing campaign.

Here are some reasons why viral marketing is important for the survival of your business.

1. Viral marketing creates a buzz

Creating a buzz about your product brings a sense of anticipation in your buyers. A successful viral marketing campaign can accomplish this. The louder the buzz, the farther the campaign can spread. Messages that are of great public interest, attention-grabbing and easy to pass along will definitely help the campaign.

2. It builds more credibility

As more and more people in the entire network talk about and recommend your brand, more credibility is built. This is so because your company is endorsed by more and more influencers to their friends and close associates as your message goes viral, adding points to your credibility rating. The loud buzz that is generated will surely help boost product or service recognition.

3. It is inexpensive

Viral marketing costs a lot less to launch but is very fast and effective in getting your message out to prospective buyers. It is the least expensive way to market your business because it doesn’t require a large advertising budget. Blogging, newsletters, and email marketing are some of the ways to go viral inexpensively.

4. It keeps your business in the green

Viral marketing helps to keep your business afloat. If your business has already earned more credibility, people will continue to patronize your brand and ensure your business stability.

5. It can launch your business globally

Through viral marketing, your reputation as a reliable company can reach potential clients across the globe, enabling your company to branch out internationally.

6. Viral messages are easy to share

Viral product messages are easy to share. Attention-getting videos can be easily embedded into blog posts, web pages and social networking sites.

Source: HireInfluence

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