Text Message Marketing

As long as you’re abiding by text marketing best practices, you’ll observe an unbelievable ROI with this immediate and affordable method. As mobile marketing goes beyond mainstream and becomes borderline necessity, text communication is a great way to integrate yourself into the device oriented trend.

Before sending out your first text marketing campaign, ask yourself these six questions.

1. What does my subscriber want?

You always want to reward your subscribers with VIP offers. Take the time to do a bit of research, and make sure you’re giving the people what they want. If you fire out an unqualified offer, your efforts will be completely wasted. Make the most of your time by getting to know your customer and what they find appealing. For some, a large percentage off is sufficient but for others, free merchandise is the ticket.

2. Is my offer clearly stated?

Don’t overcomplicate your offer. Keep it direct and to the point. Never  fire out a three step offer. Always stick with one appealing incentive. For example, don’t send out Buy two dinners, get the third one 1/2 off plus one free drink. Sure, this is a great offer, but chances are, that text will overwhelm your subscriber and lower your offer redemption rate. Instead, trim a bit off and send out Buy two dinners, get one at 1/2 price, show this text to redeem.

3. Did I provide a proper call to action?

How are subscribers supposed to redeem this great offer? Should they visit your website or show this text? If you leave out a call to action, your subscriber engagement will drastically decrease. People don’t have time to read between the lines. They want clear instruction. They don’t want to second guess your offer or the proper method of redemption.

4. Did I remember to include the required compliance statement?

This is crucial. Failure to do so could result in serious legal consequences. A great compliance statement might read something like Receive up to 4msgs/month. Msg and data rates may apply. Text STOP to cancel.

5. What’s the best day/time to send my message?

Never send a message before 9AM or after 9PM. Respect your subscribers’ schedules, and they’ll gladly welcome your messages. Beyond this, you must choose a time that aligns with your industry, offer, and subscriber. For example, if your restaurant is running a dinner special, don’t send it out at 730PM that night. You’re in the midst of the dinner hour, and more likely than not, people have already made plans for the evening. Instead fire it out between 3-5PM, when susbcriberes are starting to think about dinner options.

6. What am I looking to get out of this campaign?

Maybe you want to increase in store traffic or encourage offer redemption. Either way, set clear goals before sending your text marketing campaign. If you don’t have concise objectives, you won’t know how to measure your success.

Text marketing is a great way to increase sales and encourage customer engagement, if done correctly. Before sending out your first campaign, pump the brakes and ask yourself those six questions.