Al long time ago, experiential marketing used to be an afterthought. Brands rarely allied their experiential marketing efforts to their broader marketing plans. They just used them to generate short-terms sales.

That’s all changing now. Brands are discovering the latent power of top experiential marketing agencies tactics. To mount a successful experiential marketing effort, however, you will need to collaborate with a marketing agency skilled at mounting them. These aren’t easy to find.

You need to work with a marketing agency that knows how to create meaningful brand experiences and foster enduring relationship with customers.

To find such an agency, look for the following qualities:

  1. RollerCoasterThey want to work closely with you and your brand. If an experiential marketing agency is going to understand your brand and communicate its essential message and value proposition to customers it needs to work with you closely, consistently and needs to acknowledge your input as if they were employed by you, because after all, they technically are!
  1. They understand your audience and want to create an experience that will appeal specifically to them. Curious if they will truly appeal to your audience? Ask them some questions. Take that first meeting as if you were interviewing them. Because after all (again) you are!
  1. They understand that experiential marketing is more than just a gimmick or a short-term tactic to catalyze event sales. They want to integrate your marketing plan into a cohesive and coherent end-to-end sales process involving data collection, data analysis, and pre and post-event marketing.
  1. They want to make experiential strategies the heart of your marketing campaign, using tactical efforts in coordination with other media. We cannot stress this enough, Integrate other marketing campaigns!
  1. They know how to use digital channels to amplify their efforts and to foster ongoing and engaging conversations with customers.
  1. They are creative and appreciate that novelty, reliability, and ingenuity can help a brand cultivate a closer bond between itself and its intended audience.

salesmanYou should avoid any experiential marketing agency that doesn’t exhibit these qualities. If you encounter an agency that seems to view experiential marketing as a faddish strategy unrelated to other marketing efforts, there’s one thing you should do: run. Agencies like that don’t fully value what experiential marketing can do.

If you come across an agency that just wants to create a “cool” campaign – forgetting that their efforts need to be relevant to your audience – then you should run even faster. Experiential marketing agencies like that don’t value you or your customers.

By looking for qualities like those listed above, you can find a marketing agency that will use innovative experiential marketing strategies to foster a close bond between you and your customers.