6 marketing resolutions for the new yearHave you made your new year’s resolution yet? We don’t mean to lose more weight or save more money. Have you made your business new year’s resolution yet?

You may be planning on going into the new year with plans such to increase sales or stay organized. While these are all good intentioned, as a marketer, you want more for your new year. At the end of 2015, we are spending our days creating new, innovative strategies for our clients. Are you doing the same?

Here are 10 marketing resolutions that are becoming prevalent for your business in the new year:

  1. Drive Brand Awareness and Engagement – If a blog is written in the woods and no one is there, is it really written? You can spend time making new content all you’d like, but if no one is aware of your brand or presence, the content won’t help you accomplish your goals. Focus on creating an audience on relevant channels such as social media and your website. After you have regular traffic to these places, your content will take you much farther.
  2. Build interest – Develop a content marketing strategy that is targeted towards your specific marketing personas. What are your key initiatives for the year? Now is the time to get them on paper. If you spend time in the beginning of your program defining the types of content you will create throughout the year, it will make your marketing simple as pie.
  3. Drive Return on Investment through Conversion – make sure that your social media content is driving traffic to your website, and not to other websites. While they might have credible information that’s great to share, it’s not driving traffic to you and therefore is detracting from your conversion rate.
  4. Build a media buying strategy – It is increasingly difficult – scratch that, impossible – to build a following on Facebook organically. Because of algorithm changes in the past year or so, posts and company profile pages simply do not appear on timelines anymore unless they are promoted through Facebook ads. Similarly, the pool of options for a Google search result is so packed with people that it’s become very difficult to appear on page one. Google withholds certain information (such as keywords that drive traffic to your site) for organic search as well. The solution is to fold a media buying strategy into your digital marketing plan to ensure that you are being seen.
  5. Drive Loyalty – After you’ve made a sale, drive loyalty to your brand through repeat visibility and enagement with customers. Do what you can to ensure that your customer remains with you for years to come.
  6. Create brand advocacy – Having a loyal customer is one thing, but having a loyal customer who evangelizes your brand is the ultimate goal. Strive to create and implement programs that give your loyal customers a platform to sing your praises.

Some of these ideas and concepts might not be entirely new, but the key is to take an overall strategy for the new year and make it your own. What can you do in 2016 to make these resolutions a success? Leave us a comment below and tell us what your plan for the new year is.