OmnipresenceMost of you know that I like to write about sales, marketing and other online related subjects. So I just want to clarify that at the outset that this article has nothing to do with anything cosmic or transcendent.

What do I mean when I say achieve omnipresence?

Why would anyone want to be omnipresent? Well it’s the fast track for you to cement your name as the expert in your field. If people are looking for information about a specific topic and all the information they find has been created by you then there is no doubt in their mind that you are the authority. This is a great way for you to make the sales process easier as you fast track the requirement to build credibility with your prospect.

Not to mention the fact that by providing high quality content your prospective customers they will begin to contact you directly. Now who doesn’t want that to happen?

So what are the best ways to start achieving omnipresence in your sphere? I’ve outline what I think are the 6 best ways to achieve this and how I either currently or intend to use these methods.

6 Killer Tactics to help you achieve Omnipresence

Blogging – Either start a blog on your current website, create a new .com blog or use one of the free blog platforms available, such as or Blogging is dead simple and easy, I even wrote an eBook about the benefits of having a content strategy and how easy it is to write about a subject you are an expert on. I blog on a daily basis, via the website or on several other websites I contribute to.

Start a Podcast – Podcasting can be an easy way to build rich content for your customers. If writing isn’t your thing but you love to talk about your expertise then Podcasting is the way to go. Podcast ideas include interviewing clients, offering insider tips or you could even talk about new breakthroughs in your industry. The key is to set a schedule and stick to it. I’ll be starting a Podcast in the new year.

Write a White Paper – A whitepaper is an authoritative report giving information or proposals on a specific issue. Think of it like a mini eBook about one particular subject. There are many ways to publish white papers and they hold more importance as a source of authority with academics and engineers, so if you are targeting them as clients it may be better for you to publish a white paper. I’ll be writing my first white paper during the first half of next year.

Start a networking group – Organising and running a networking event that provides a way for your target customers to connect with each other is a great platform for you to directly  build authority and in a face to face capacity. In my opinion nothing beats face to face networking as a way to start building relationships. I currently organise a speed networking group, it cost $60 to setup on and has been a fantastic way for me to grow my network.

Start using Twitter – Twitter is free and in my opinion a fantastic way to connect with others. Used properly you connect directly with people who talk about specific terms that relate to your expertise. This is how I use Twitter, I constantly search for people talking about the subjects that I want to achieve omnipresence in, once I find them I send a little greeting and try to connect with them. Using this method I went from zero to over one thousand relevant twitter followers in just two weeks. Another benefit is that by having thousands of followers you inadvertently create a level of social proof.

Become a Contributor – If you know what publications your target market read then see if you can start writing for these publications. Most publishers are happy to receive free expert content for their magazines or website. Make sure you are allowed to include a link back to your website somewhere in your article. This is another very effective shortcut to building credibility. After writing for myself for a little while I recently approached Computerworld magazine here in Australia about running a blog for their website. They asked to see some of my previous work and then approved me.

These are just six ways you can start your journey to achieve omnipresence in your particular niche. Don’t settle for market share, dominate your industry. Be the key player, the first name people think about when they talk about your industry (big thanks to Grant Cardone for this mindset). The rewards will be worth it.

What other ways do you know to achieve this level of awareness about your personal brand or the product you promote.