When selling business telecom solutions, it’s easy to focus on just your sales process or just your marketing efforts. But in reality, you need both in order to generate the revenue you’re looking for.

Use These 6 Insights To Make Your Telecom Marketing Efforts More Effective

We’ve discussed telecom sales a lot recently, but now it’s time to look at how to improve your telecom marketing initiatives.

Here are six key insights on how to make your telecom marketing efforts more effective:

1. Don’t Silo Telecom Marketing And Sales

No matter the telecom provider they’re working for, marketing and sales teams don’t always see eye to eye. However, that doesn’t mean that marketing and sales should operate in their own separate spheres. They must work together.

Here are a few factors to consider when trying to bring your siloed teams together:

  • Who in sales will benefit from marketing activities?
  • Who in sales will be the most responsive partner when working with Marketing?
  • Who in sales has the most to gain from specific marketing campaigns?

2. Identify Key Marketing/Sales Touch Points

As you bring your telecom marketing and sales teams together, identify specific areas through which different sales channels most utilize particular marketing efforts. These key touch points are where you need to build in extra communication efforts between the two teams.

After you’ve identified these key marketing/sales touch points, train both teams to recognize their role in those processes and to communicate accordingly for more effective revenue generation.

3. Measure Everything

Once you’ve got your sales and marketing teams properly aligned and trained for a particular campaign, you need to start measuring every aspect of success (or failure) during that campaign.

This step is even more important if you’re working with an outsourced sales or lead generation team. Without tracking your key metrics at every stage of the buying process, neither of your teams have the actionable feedback they need in order to improve.

4. Use Call-To-Action Campaigns

In order to boost sales of your product or service, you need to utilize call-to-action marketing campaigns with short runways or quick expiration dates. These exclusive offers set a tone of urgency with your prospects, so your telecom sales team is more likely to close deals.

Not every offer is fit for all sales channels, so ensure that each sales channel has a call-to-action offer that’s conducive to their own sales methodology. That way, your field representatives don’t receive an online-only offer and your inbound sales team doesn’t push an in-person deal.

5. Feed The Feedback Loop To Marketing

Your telecom marketing team can’t truly thrive until they receive feedback on their efforts. Whether it’s positive or negative, quantitative or qualitative, your sales team needs to be giving regular feedback regarding the quality of the leads handed off from your marketing team.

These insights gleaned from sales help your marketing team build stronger buyer personas, conduct stronger campaigns and execute better lead qualification.

6. Track ROI Across Both Teams

No matter what measures or metrics your telecom marketing and sales teams use, they should all yield to the most important metric between the two: Return On Investment.

Your telecom sales team should especially provide feedback on the ROI of each marketing activity that helped close a sale. This ROI feedback helps your marketing team know which efforts are worth investing in – and which aren’t.

No matter where you’re at in the process of aligning your telecom marketing and sales teams, use these six insights to improve your connections with prospects and start closing more deals.