Influencer marketing is an incredibly powerful tool that can amplify your brand’s message to targeted consumer groups. Here are six of the most common influencer marketing questions marketers have about influencer marketing, answered.

1. Why Influencer Marketing?

Traditional ads don’t work. Consumers crave authenticity.

Influencer marketing has proven to cure ‘ad fatigue’ more than any other marketing channel to date. Why’s that? Consumers want value. 64 percent of influencers say their audience respects that they provide value about topics that they are interested in, while 59 percent state their audience enjoys how they interact with them and listen.

Influencers instantly inject authenticity into a marketing campaign with relevant content that speaks directly to their audience. This content is viewed as organic, engaging and click-worthy

2. How Do I Measure Influencer Marketing ROI?

Innovation is often greeted with a state of uncertainty. Influencer marketing is no exception. Which is why we did our research to prove influencer marketing ROI. Influencer marketing drives 11X more ROI versus all other forms of digital media.

We partnered with Nielsen Catalina Solutions and a fortune 500 food brand to conduct the first ever study to connect influencer marketing to sales. The results? Mind. Blowing.


Source: Tapinfluence and Nielsen Catalina Solutions, “Influencer Marketing Drives 11X More ROI VS All Other Forms of Digital Media,” 2016

Influencer marketing blows away other studies, creating $285 in incremental sales per 1000 views. That leads to 11X the ROI of traditional advertising annually. Heyooo!

3. What’s the Most Effective Type?

What does good influencer marketing look like? How do you go about selecting the right influencers?

Often times, marketers think that the best influencers are the ones with the biggest audience. News flash: Size doesn’t matter.

Brands are finally realizing that it’s not necessarily the size of the audience that gets results; rather, it is the quality of the content produced and the ability of the influencer to weave brands into authentic, original stories.

In short: The most effective types of influencer marketing campaigns are those built with a solid foundation of building quality content and the ability of the influencer to connect with your audience.

4. What is the Biggest Challenge?

Sure, influencer marketing is booming, but there are still some kinks to iron out. We set out with research group Altimeter and asked top marketers what their challenges are with influencer marketing, ensuring smoother sailing for you.

68% of marketers said finding “relevant” influencers is a huge hurdle. Other industry research backs up these findings: in a separate study, 73% of fashion and beauty marketers say identifying the right influencer is their biggest problem.

5. What’s the Value?

Our friends at Carusele said it best, “Influencer content is versatile, flexible and, best of all, eternal.”

Influencer content, unlike banner ads, is truly evergreen. Rather than disappearing when a brand stops putting money behind it, a piece of influencer content remains active, attracting views and engagements from interested consumers—for free. Influencer content continues to drive value even after the spending stops. It’s evergreen.

Influencer programs can be much more effective on a dollar-to-dollar basis. $23 for every dollar spent – that’s more than 5x the number produced by banner ads.

6. How Do Influencers and Marketers Work Together?

With 60% of influencer marketing platforms having launched within the previous six years, the market is still relatively small compared to other types of marketing — email automation, customer relationship management, sales enablement — meaning there are no universal standards when it comes to influencer management.

Authenticity is one of the many reasons influencer marketing is so powerful. Which is why it’s crucial that once marketers select the right influencers to connect with their audience, they take a step back.

Influencers are content creators and understand exactly how to connect with your audience better than anyone else. They’re trusted. Don’t strip away their authentic voice by telling them exactly what to say. You’ve hired them for a reason. They have a trusted following for a reason. Remember that.

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