Business video marketing has the most potential to not only rake you the most profit, but also increase your corporate identity and branding. Although most small businesses have yet to market on this particular channel, below are some reasons why you must at least consider in doing video marketing for your business:

  • Tap a different audience – In June of 2011, comScore released a research about online video rankings in the U.S. during the month of May. The data yielded rather interesting results – 176 million Internet users in the U.S. had an average of 15.9 hours worth of watching videos off websites for a whopping total of 5.6 billion viewed video in May (Source).
  • Diversify marketing channels – Instead of going the usual route of print and online marketing (link building, PPC, content marketing), traveling the road less traveled in video marketing exposes you to a different audience and challenge. You can also integrate different channels into your video marketing in the hopes of increasing leads and sale.
  • Beats the heck out of reading something – Reading is generally believed to stimulate the mind much more than watching because it is an active task. Thus, readers will have to exert more effort into understanding the text. On the other hand, watching is a passive task because viewers let the content do the thinking for them. Therefore, it is much more efficient to market your business when your audience is passive.

Now that we have that out of the way, let’s get into some of the more helpful advice when doing video marketing:

Business video marketing tips

1. Publish regularly

Although content is king, it should work hand in hand with an editorial calendar. Your ability of engaging a bigger customer base or audience to your business depends on whether or not you can upload your video on time.

Setting up a timetable for your video marketing content not only lets you establish your goals for the duration of this campaign, but also lets your viewers tune in on that day when you normally upload your videos. Spread out the content throughout the month and schedule an editorial calendar that challenges your abilities to the limit.

2. Develop and refine your “voice”

Find a way to effectively communicate your message along the lines of your corporate identity to establish branding and consistency in your video marketing. Do not force yourself from being someone you’re not in your videos – let your authentic personality shine through instead. Amplify if necessary to send the message across much more convincingly.

3. Find your “thing”

Tom Dickson showcasing the Blendtec Total BlenderBlendtec founder Tom Dickson started publishing a series of videos on Youtube in 2007 promoting the toughness and strength of their Tabletop Total Blender product. The “Will It Blend?” series shows Mr. Dickson blending different objects using the Total Blender to rubble. One of their most popular videos where Mr. Dickson blended an iPhone has garnered over 10 million views since it was published. At the end of all his videos is a snapshot of Mr. Dickson holding the blended object into dust with a caption “YES, IT BLENDS!” on the screen.

Blendtec’s “thing” has allowed them to achieve success online, which helped strengthen their brand name. When developing your own video marketing concept, here are some suggestions:

  • Engaging – The video must be presented in a faultless manner. Technical details such as lighting, editing, and production must be observed, while flaws must be kept to a minimum, if not eliminated entirely. Also, you do not have to use expensive equipment to create an engaging video about your business.
  • Compelling Your videos must ooze with undeniable quality, plain and simple. The content must present fresh ideas and refine old ones to offer something new to readers. Use recent statistics and articles as resources for your videos.
  • Incites reaction – Tackle controversial topics related to your industry on your videos. Always try to challenge popular belief and find ways on how you can debunk them. Be as convincing as possible by presenting hard data and facts to support your argument and encourage people to jump your side of the argument.

Be aware that these suggestions will not guarantee you success immediately. However, what you get to achieve in developing your concept for your video marketing is useful and sticky content that draws the attention of people.

4. Focus on content

Integrating the latest SEO strategies and embedding ads on your video marketing should be secondary in your video marketing efforts. Instead, provide viewers with well-researched and well-produced videos that will stand the test of time.

Orabrush marketed its tongue-cleaning product through humorous online videos, which turned an almost-bankrupt small business into a million dollar company. Aside from offering infomercials about their other products, their Youtube channel features hilarious non-business content with slick production. Just goes to show how pleasure can be mixed with business as well. Learn more about how Orabrush utilized business video marketing to their advantage by clicking here.

5. Burn it on DVDs

As part of your offline marketing strategy, expand your marketing reach by including a DVD in your portfolios handed out to your audience. This should supplement the print materials such as brochures and catalogs that you already give out to people.

To amp up your marketing using your DVD videos, encase them inside DVD case covers, which you can purchase at PrintRunner. Choose between standard or slim DVD case where the cover printed on 100 lb. glossy stock will be placed. You can also purchase our BluRay covers and CD sleeves that will be used to contain your DVD.

6. Your suggestions

The tips listed above are just some of the most common practices to a successful business video marketing campaign. That said, we would like you know what are some of the more effective video marketing suggestions you have experience in running this particular campaign. Share your thoughts by commenting below!