Keeping your feel solidly planted on the cutting edge of business means keeping pace with the ever evolving business landscape. No matter your niche and no matter your goals, staying up on the latest technologies, practices and competition can mean the difference between a failed business and early retirement.

If you’re interested in not only keeping your head above water but pushing your business endeavors to the next level of profitability, check out these seven business conferences to visit in 2012:

1. Social Solutions 2012

Social Solutions 2012

To be held in Atlanta, Georgia, on September 24, 2012, the Social Solutions conference is a one day event aimed at inspiring and educating via real life business success stories. Focusing especially on users of ETO, the software used by many non-profit and small business organizations to manage their performance, Social Solutions aims to enhance your ability to use your data metrics to improve your performance, no matter your goals!

When and Where:

  • September 24, 2012
  • Atlanta (official website). Also book your hotel at and check out events in Atlanta for that time.

2. Social Media World Asia

Social Media World Asia

Leveraging social media into a real positive effect on your business is easier said than done; given the growing complexity of the many popular social platforms available today, the Social Media World Asia conference aims to educate its attendees through workshops and speeches from some of the brightest minds in the industry.

When and Where:

  • April, 26
  • Singapore (venue information)

3. America’s Small Business Summit

America's Small Business Summit

Organized by the United States Chamber of Commerce itself, America’s Small Business Summit brings together business people of all kinds, from corporate bigwigs to burgeoning entrepreneurs, in order to encourage discussion and debate on common hurdles faced by American businesses. Given the current delicate state of the U.S. economy, the summit also presents attendees a chance to voice their opinions and concerns in a setting that encourages both listening and action.

When and Where:

  • May, 21 – 23
  • Book your room here (qualify for a discount!)

4. The National Public Sector Business Development and Client Relations Summit 2012

The National Public Sector Business Development and Client Relations Summit 2012

Government business initiatives present a unique opportunity to business people around the world, paving the way for solid partnerships and action-based business endeavors. With these benefits in mind, Liquid Learning will be hosting a summit in Melbourne, Australia intended to help entrepreneurs and business enthusiasts to connect with government needs, encouraging cooperation that leads to real world effects, no matter where in the world you happen to be!

When and Where:

  • April, 20
  • Melbourne

5. The Performance Improvement Conference 2012

The Performance Improvement Conference 2012

Toronto, Canada will soon play host to The Performance Improvement Conference, a gathering of business professionals from around the world interested in improving the performance of each and every facet of their business. More than 50 workshops and speakers will give attendees new knowledge, skills and tools that can be utilized upon returning to work and abundant networking opportunities mean new possibilities for collaboration!

When and Where:

  • April, 18-23
  • Toronto

6. Content Marketing: The Power of Choice

Content Marketing: The Power of Choice

All of the tricks, tips and marketing ploys aside, the internet runs solely on the content offered by each website, whether as part of a business endeavor or not, and the Content Marketing summit to be held in Toronto, Canada later this year offers an exclusive focus on that content and the best practices surrounding it.

Workshops and panels will cover topics such as the development of successful content strategies, overcoming the challenges of keeping your content fresh and up-to-date, discovering how to utilize user-generated content and much more!

When and Where:

  • April, 25
  • Conference location

If you’re interested in increasing your operational efficiency for the sake of more conversions and the furthering your business, consider attending this one of a kind social media gathering!