For success in any line of business, you need to build loyal customers who will add value. The longer a customer stays with you, the higher their value will be to your business. The Marketing Metrics book mentions that you have a 60-70% chance of selling to an existing customer but only 5-20% to a new one. That’s exactly why it’s important that you focus your SaaS marketing ideas on improving customer lifetime value (LTV) and reducing churn rate.

Since the two are closely connected, what you do to improve one factor could positively impact the other. For instance, preventing more customers from churning will help you increase their lifetime value and vice versa. In this article, we’ll take a look at some useful and effective SaaS marketing ideas to help you better your LTV and churn rate.

1. Treat Customers Like Royalty

When it comes to retaining customers and preventing them from churning, it’s always a good idea to treat them like they’re the most important people (which they are) for your business. Your business simply can’t function without them. Showing customers that you appreciate their loyalty is one of the best SaaS marketing ideas.

You could come up with VIP lines or premium services for your most loyal customers. Featuring customers on your social media page could also be a great way to get them involved and make them feel valued. IKEA does an excellent job of this by using user-generated content to both engage customers and show social proof.

IKEA - treat customer like royalty
Another good example is the Amazon Prime special membership program that’s available for recurrent customers. With an annual fee of $99, this program comes with multiple benefits, including free two-day delivery and unlimited movie streaming.

2. Reward Customer Loyalty

Implement a reward program that will encourage customers to make further purchases and stick with your brand. If you have the right loyalty program in place, you can prevent many people from switching to your competition. Also, the promise of a reward is enticing enough to make them want to purchase more.

My Starbucks Rewards is one of the best examples of a customer loyalty program that adds value to the business. After the implementation of these awesome SaaS marketing ideas, the coffee chain saw an 11% increase in revenue. Customers get awarded “stars” as points, which can be used for making payments. They achieve a “gold level” status after getting 30 of these “stars” in a one-year period. The “gold level” status comes with a personalized gold card for refills, drink offers, and free food. Customers can also stock up on points with purchases of Starbucks grocery products.

startbucks reward points - SaaS Marketing Ideas

3. Know Your Competition

One of the key factors that determine the strength of bond you have with your customers is their view of your competitors. If they don’t perceive any of your competitors as better than you, there’s little chance of them churning. However, if a competing brand is offering much better benefits or customer service, you risk losing your existing customers to them.

Keeping a close eye on your competition is another of the important SaaS marketing ideas. See what they’re doing right and wrong to find out where you stack up against them. By understanding the performance of your competitors, you’ll be able to adapt your SaaS marketing ideas accordingly and find something unique you can offer to your customers. Client Heartbeat is a useful tool to help you with this. In the image below, you can see it allows you to measure your customer satisfaction rate versus the industry average.

Know your competition - SaaS Marketing Ideas

4. Keep In Touch

A great way to prevent customers from churning is by keeping in touch with them. Take the time to send emails and text message updates along with quick responses to their social media queries or complaints. Send out welcome emails to new customers, updates on promotions to existing ones, and even “we miss you” messages to past customers. Exciting promo codes are also good SaaS marketing ideas to keep your customers coming back for more.

Below you’ll see how Graze, a snack-by-mail service, offers a free snack box to entice subscribers to try their handpicked snack boxes.

Keep in touch with customer - SaaS Marketing Ideas

5. Exceed Expectations

The easiest way to lose customers is by making them feel as though you didn’t deliver on your promise. That’s a sure sign that your SaaS marketing ideas are failing. Right before someone becomes your customer, set the correct expectations from the beginning to avoid disappointment. This is usually during the initial sales point-of-contact. It may be a good idea to under-promise and then over-deliver to increase customer satisfaction.

6. Listen To Your Customers

According to a Forbes article, 68% of customers leave their relationship with a business because they feel that the company is being indifferent towards them. One of the most basic, yet effective SaaS marketing ideas to keep your customers happy is listening to what they say. What are you doing wrong and what is making them churn? What are you doing right and what is making them stay?

Customer satisfaction surveys are highly useful for determining exactly what makes your customers churn. Once you find out the major issues that are driving customers away, you’ll able to make the necessary improvements and find suitable SaaS marketing ideas that prevent future churns. When you determine what you’re doing right, you’ll know what you need to keep doing to maintain the loyalty of your customers.

A case study by the Peppers & Rogers Group on a telecom company found that determining the reason for churns could be beneficial for preventing more. They used surveys and data analysis to hypothesize on different churn reasons. This insight helped them build a churn prediction model and then design offers. Along with efforts made by the outbound retention team, they were able to reduce churn rate by 50% and increase renewal rate by 15%.


The key to success in SaaS and any other business is to understand customer churn rates so that you can prevent it. Building a strategy with great SaaS marketing ideas is essential. Work on delivering quality products and services while establishing a strong relationship with your customers to increase their lifetime value. Use the SaaS marketing ideas mentioned above to improve your performance in both customer loyalty and retention.