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5 Ways To Use Your Leads to Guide Your Global Marketing

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Global marketing is a way to bring your business abroad, and reach your target audience in places further than you ever envisioned. Even if you started off as a small local business, there’s a chance that you have something that would do wonders elsewhere.

A marketing automation service can help you learn about where your business can potentially take you. It can give you information on your leads that can tell you where to market your business globally. That being said, global marketing is a lot easier said than done. So, here are some tips to get started.

1. Analyze Where Your Global Audience Is

When you get new leads, where are they coming from? Social media marketing and email marketing can tell you a lot about where to take your global marketing. Take a look at where your likes or your unique page views are coming from. Once you know more, do some research and see why you would have an audience for your market in that place.

2. Get Contacts in Those Locations

Once you’ve pinned down a few locations, you have to decide whether or not you want to take the leap there. Of course, things like budget and time zones may influence your decision. In the meantime, getting contacts in those areas of people who are in the same industry as you, or seeking the help of a service that can help you with your global marketing, would be the next step in getting to know those leads you are seeing.

3. Consider Translating Some of Your Web Content

There is really no better way to market globally than making your business accessible to people in other countries. How do you do that? By adding languages. Sure, most business is done in English. But, if you want people to first learn who you are, then making your website available in languages of those key locations will really make a difference.

4. Get Familiar with Regulations Abroad (and Make Sure Your Network Can Handle It)

If you figure you have enough leads to try and market globally, remember, you don’t need to “take over the world” in one day. Marketing globally takes time and often, money, too. It also takes a stable network infrastructure and solid security measurements to keep you protected. This will require you to get familiar with regulations of doing business abroad before moving forward.

5. Outline Your Goals and Evaluate Progress Regularly

Like with any marketing campaign, goals you have for global marketing need to be treated the same way. If it’s the first time your business is spreading somewhere new based on information you’ve gathered on your leads, then you might want to ease into it. As always, make sure your goals are SMART and check often to see if your strategy is effective.