The good lifeDo you dream of living “the good life” where you are earning a sizable revenue stream? Do you daydream about a future when you’ll attract better quality clients? Working with the affluent who can afford to pay your best rates can take your business to the next level.  If you are not currently working with the affluent, this article will give you five ways to change your strategic position and attract better quality clients.

But first, what does the good life mean to you? Is it earning enough to live in a nice home? Is it driving a luxurious car? Or is it saving a million plus for retirement while living well and traveling the world?  Does the good life mean contributing to society while making six and seven figures? It’s not enough to want to work with the wealthy, you must plan for what you want to do with your life.  Once you have a vision for what you want, you can create a plan to get it.

Not all products and services are suitable to market to the affluent. Businesses that compete on price generally do not appeal to the prosperous crowd. Low prices can often mean low quality. So I ask you, do affluent clients want what you are selling? Is there a way to create better quality product or a higher level of service so that you appeal to wealthier clientele?

So let’s get going – Here are five ways you can attract well-off clients so that you can live a better quality life:

1. Value: Learn how to communicate your value

If you are unsure of the value you provide you can’t effectively describe it to the affluent. You must communicate your skills confidently and accurately.  What have you accomplished in your life? What are the deliverables you are proud of? How do your skills benefit the client? Can you save them money? Can you save them time? Will your product or service help them make more money? Is your product or service going to change their life? Once you have a better handle on your value, state it succinctly and confidently in your Value Proposition throughout your marketing materials.

2. Brand: Get a vital, visual brand

Success today hinges on visuals. If you are using clip art or a cut rate logo you will not attract the prosperous. Think about products and brands that have exciting visuals. The apple iphone is a perfect example of a visual product as it has illustrations for each application available on the phone. Would the iphone be as successful with text descriptions for its apps rather than visual illustrations? I don’t think so. Visuals grab attention, help consumers make purchase decisions, and guide prospects to hiring you.  If your website or blog banner is text only, you are not promoting a visual brand.  If your business card and digital brochure are not visually stunning, you are missing an opportunity to work with affluent clients.

3. Benefit: Communicate a benefit that affluent clients want

wealthy lifestyleWealthy clients are looking for products and services that benefit them, whether they are aware consciously or not. Going back to visuals, if your marketing is not focused on what the client could be doing with their time or energy if they purchased your product or service, you could be missing out on a big opportunity.  Use your tagline to communicate what the client gets out of hiring you. Use visual images of the client in play, traveling, drinking wine, lounging on a yacht, playing tennis, playing cards, or engaging in other relaxing activities. Connect what you do with a benefit and you increase your chances of success with the well-off.

4. Language: Use the correct language in your marketing

The wealthy have the income and assets to afford your product or service and using the right language can seal the deal with getting their business. Despite having considerable assets, the well-off are concerned with keeping what they have. They tend to be ambitious and work long hours. They place high value on their family and leaving a legacy. Your marketing messages must address their needs in the language you use.

Focus on:

  • convenience
  • quality
  • efficiency
  • protection
  • preservation
  • security
  • scarcity
  • family
  • intellect
  • legacy
  • experiences

5. Concierge: Offer special options for the affluent

The affluent have the income and the desire to live a more carefree and luxurious lifestyle.  That means you can attract them by offering special services not offered by the competition. Because they are starved for time, options that save them time or energy will appeal to the wealthier class. Because they appreciate excellence, offering a platinum program or “preferred” option will gain traction. If you can change your language from a “subscription” focus to an “inner circle” emphasis you are on the right track.

Think about concierge medicine and how it has grown in popularity in recent years. Wealthier consumers would rather pay an annual premium to have access to high quality medicine than use their medical insurance.


Although we may dream of being financially successful, very few of us actually get there because we don’t understand how to position our business so that it appeals to prosperous clients who are willing to pay for excellence.

Going from marketing to prospects who shop on price to marketing to those who can afford your top tier prices requires a change in attitude and mindset. Are you ready for it? Have you considered your prosperity mindset? Realizing that you are worth it is the first step.

Living the good life by offering affluent clients what they want is the key to financial success. Get started today!