Moms don’t just make weekly grocery shopping decisions. They also make decisions for their family’s health, finances, home, technological needs and travel.

But does your content marketing reflect this long list of everyday needs?

While analyzing Demand Media’s proprietary search data for partners, I’ve learned one thing: Mom is a powerhouse. In fact, the majority of content strategies I’ve created over the past year have included moms as part of the target demographic.

It’s no wonder: there are 85 million moms in America (defined as women with children under the age of 18), and they make 85 percent of purchasing decisions for the home. These staggering numbers represent almost $2 trillion dollars in spending each year (and yes, that’s trillion with a “t”).

Do I have your attention yet, content marketers? Here are five more things you must know about today’s mom:

1. She’s (really, really) busy. Moms tend to work outside the home (about seven out of 10 moms are in the labor force), but she also spends more time with her kids than moms did 50 years ago. In other words, she’s using her time wisely but has very little to waste.

2. She wants specific information. Moms perform highly targeted searches online. Moms are 10 percent more likely to use long tail searches when looking for information on things like technology, according to Demand Media’s Proprietary Interest Index Data.

3. She’s mobile. More than 90 percent of moms own a cell phone or smart phone, according to our Interest Index Data. Another 47 percent own a tablet, a number that’s doubled since 2012.

4. She wants a deal. Moms are likely to use their smartphones while shopping for everything from groceries to holiday shopping. What’s more, she wants discounts and coupons, according to eMarketer’s “Mothers as Bargain Hunters” report.

As another example, when moms go to a brand’s social media page, 71 percent are looking for a deal. Moms are seeking brand relationships and doing research because it’s important to save money on their family’s behalf.

5. She’s social. About half of moms use social media sites several times a day, and their favorites are Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest and Instagram. Moms also talk to their networks. On average, moms mention brands 73 times per week on social media, and 92 percent of moms pass along information on deals to others.

Mommy Marketing Strategies

What does this tell us about creating great mommy marketing?

First, because today’s mom is busy and holds a lot of the household responsibility, it’s best not to waste her time. Offer her content that’s useful, speaks to her needs and shows you understand what matters to her.

Moms also value recommendations from other parents according to eMarketer’s “Mothers as Bargain Hunters” report, so focus on reaching the parental community as a whole. Every now and then, throw in a deal or a chance to win products through social media. She will definitely take notice if you help her save a little here and there.

Also make sure your content is made and designed for mobile. Great content for moms will likely have short, digestible nuggets of information (check out this guide for the ideal length for content here). Because moms are also using their smartphones and tablets like never before, think about highly visual content.

Brands Getting it Right

When it comes to mom-focused content, check out this list of 15 brands that cater to moms. You’ll notice most of them offer DIY projects, high quality images, blogs and step-by-step content that help moms with everyday tasks, while inspiring them to greatness.

Once you reach her, make sure to maintain your relationship with mom by catering to her needs. Demonstrate you understand what matters to her as a parent, household CEO and woman.