online survey panelIn nearly everything we do, we’re always looking for something to make our lives easier without having to compromise on quality. This is especially true when it comes to market research – high quality feedback is required, but the time it takes to collect such data can hold you back. Online panel surveys, however, make collecting good quality data easier than ever before – and here are 5 ways they can do that.


The reach of an online panel survey is far greater than traditional market research techniques. The diversity of your potential sample is unrivaled and normal restrictions like geographical location, time zones or work schedules don’t apply here. With more people and a greater variety among them, the quality of your research is instantly improved.


There’s a lot of scheduling involved in market research, especially when you’re trying to allow for your work schedule, your respondents’ work schedule and the availability of a space to host your session. With an online panel survey, respondents can access the survey whenever it suits them, even pause it and come back to it, and of course this means you don’t have to have a phone or face-to-face interviewer there all the time.


The quality of responses with online panel surveys can be noticeably better than traditional surveys. Working with a sample of pre-qualified, experienced panelists means your respondents can provide clear, quality answers. Your respondents are valid, real-life consumers, but they are experienced in describing and discussing their opinions and buying habits.


Online Panel Surveys give you the ability to make better use of your time. As your survey is online gathering responses, you can monitor the data coming in and if necessary, adjust any targets you need, but for the most part you don’t need to be actively involved every second of the day. Work on your project doesn’t have to be delayed while you are waiting for your survey to close.


Collating results from market research is a lot quicker with online panel surveys. All your responses are already in a digital form so your data is immediately visible in a meaningful, visual format. Building reports is therefore quicker as you have all your results readily available for analysis using commonly available tools (e.g. MS Excel, SPSS, other databases etc.).

So the next time you are about to take on a market research project, why not make it easy on yourself and go for an online panel survey?

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